6th championship: 1907-08: Finally Viktoria

Regional action produced some changing of the guard. In the very tough southern championship, Stuttgarter Kickers prevailed, against powers such as 1.FC Nürnberg and Hanau. And even more impressive was their advancement to the regional, as they knocked out Karlsruher FV and defending champion Freiburger FC (although FFC would get an at-large berth as champ). The central regional saw Wacker knock out powerhouse VfB in a Leipzig derby. In the north, Eintracht Braunschweig finally advanced against Hamburg competition. The Berlin title saw Viktoria have a rough time with the suburb champion SV Norden-Nordwest 4-3, but there was no denying their strength, as they advanced from the tougher city league ahead of former German champion Union. Breslau from the southeast, and Königsberg from the Baltics (who defeated BuEV Danzig 11-0) rounded out the qualifiers. However both these lightweights were not expected to challenge in the final rounds.

The main rounds really produced no major surprises, as the favorites basically advanced. Scandal reared it's head in the match of defending champ Freiburg against Stuttgart. FFC protested vehemently against a freekick, and since the referee seemed adamant, they abandoned the field. So then the referee changed his mind! FFC ended up winning 1-0, so obviously Stuttgart protested to the DFB. Their protest was upheld, Freiburg was fined 100 marks and the match was replayed. In the replay, the Kickers showed their dominance that had been evident in the regionals, and advanced easily.

The final itself had Berlin as a light favorite, if for no other reason that the match was played in the capital. Despite an early goal for Viktoria, it was Stuttgart that had most of the play, but they couldn't make a breakthrough. Certainly they were weakened by the fact that their captain had stayed behind in Stuttgart due to a bad case of the flu, and their star forward was serving in the military - and wasn't allowed time off. Berlin took their chances, and prevailed in the last minute goal tradeoffs. So for the second time, a Berlin club took the title, and a Viktoria finally won the "Viktoria", as the championship trophy was known.

One other interesting development was the German national team making it's debut in 1908, although all three matches (Switzerland, England Amateurs, Austria) ended in defeat.

Qtr finals:
VfR 1897 Breslau    	-  FC Wacker Leipzig	1:3 (1:0)	500
VfB Königsberg	   	-  Viktoria 89 Berlin	0:7 (0:5)	1,200
Eintracht Braunschweig	-  Duisburger SV	0:1 (0:0)
Freiburger FC		-  Stuttgarter Kickers	1:0 (0:0)	2,000
Freiburger FC           -  Stuttgarter Kickers  2:5 (1:4)       2,000
FC Wacker Leipzig	-  Viktoria 89 Berlin	0:4 (0:2)
Stuttgarter Kickers	-  Duisburger SV	5:1 (2:0)

Final: (Berlin)
Viktoria 89 Berlin  	-  Stuttgarter Kickers	3:1 (1:0)

1:0 Worpitzky (6.)
2:0 Worpitzky (84.)
2:1 Ahorn (86.)
3:1 Röpnack (89.)

Attendance: 4,000

(c) Abseits Guide to German Football