Brewery was started in 1871. Inital production was 30,000 hl, but by 1896, they were producing 130,000. Until 1904 they sold only to restaurants and pubs, but then started bottling for the general public.

After becoming a state owned brewery in the GDR, production continued to increase, to an estimated 300,000 hl by 1990. After reunification, economic difficulty almost led to the brewery going under. Production declined to only 10,000 hl. Altenburger was privatised and bought by the Leikeim family. Production was stabilized and with 75 employees, the brewery is now one of the largest employers in Altenburg.

Full Name Altenburger Brauerei GmbH
City Altenburg (Thüringen)
Address Brauereistraße 20, 04600 Altenburg
Phone: (03447) 3129-0, Fax: (03447) 3129-19
Beers Premium, Lager, Schwarze, Festbier, Radler (50% lemonade).
Soccer Clubs ZFC Meuselwitz

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