A relatively new brewery, founded in 1994 by Ronald Carius. This brought back brewing to the town after an 80 year absence. The brewery itself (called Brauerei Schleswig) functions mainly as a brewpub, but product is also bottled and is relatively popular.

The main beer, Asgaard is supposed to be a throwback to "Viking beers", whatever those might be. Although it's obviously good marketing, there is enough to distinguish from your average German beers, at least with the flagship. It is slightly bitter with a fruity flavor, somewhat similar to northern ales, yet bottom-fermented.

Full Name Brauerei Schleswig
City Schleswig (Schleswig-Holstein).
Address Königstr. 27, D-24837 Schleswig
Phone: +49 4621 29206, Fax: +49 4621 21655
Slogan "Ein Hoch auf die Wikinger!" ("Cheers to the Vikings!")
Beers Asgaard, Premium Pils, Nordisches Weizen, Bio Premium Pils
Soccer Clubs Schleswig 06

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