Astra has become a veritable "Kultbier" and is firmly attached to St.Pauli and the whole scene.

The roots go back to 1647, when a Dutchman named Peter Voss started brewing in Altona. His brewery eventually became the Brauerei Bavaria in 1897, which merged with the Actien-Brauerei St.Pauli in 1922. The brewery was slated to be closed in the late 1990s, but Holsten Brewery stepped in and saved the Hamburg institution.

Full Name Bavaria-St.Pauli Brauerei GmBH
Address Hopfenstr. 15, 20359 Hamburg
Phone: (0171) 4903858
Slogan "Astra - Was dagegen ?" ("Astra - Got something against it?")
Production Over 1,000,000 hl
Beers Astra Pils, Astra Urtyp, Ratsherrn Pilsener,Dübelsbrücker Dunkel, Grenzquell Pilsener, Astra Alsterwasser (w/ lemonade)
Soccer Clubs FC St.Pauli, Altona Hamburg
Tasting Notes ratebeer generally gives below average ratings. Beertest hates the Pils ("Scheißbier"), but gives the Urtyp OK marks.

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