Berliner Pilsener

Brewed by the Schultheiss brewery, which also has it's own brands, this was one of the largest East Berlin breweries.

Full Name Berliner Pilsner Brauerei, subsidiary of Berliner-Schultheiss-Brauerei GmbH
Address Indira-Gandhi-Str. 66-69, 13053 Berlin
Phone: 030-9609-0,Fax: 030-9252445
Production 1,200,000 hl
Beers Berliner Pilsener
Visit Tours Mo-Th, twice daily. Cost (includes tasting) 5 euros, 8 euros with Bockwurst, 10 euros with pigs knuckles with sauerkraut.
Soccer Clubs Union Berlin, Motor Saspow
Tasting Notes

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