The top brewer in Bochum, it's roots go back to 1736, when the family starting brewing beer. However, a seperate brewery was not built until 1878 by Johann Fiege. The brewery really began to take off under his son Moritz, who brought in a new brewmaster and developed the distinct Pilsner. The company is still run by the Fiege family.

Full Name Privatbrauerei Moritz Fiege GmbH & Co KG
Address Scharnhorststr. 21-25, 44787 Bochum
Tel: 0234/6898-0 , Fax: 0234/6898-111
Slogan "Lust auf Fiege" ("Desire for Fiege)
Beers The flagship Fiege Pils. Gründer Hell (the original from 1878, hell = "light colored", not "tastes like Budweiser"), Leicht (light), Radler (w/ limonade), Bläck Mäx (Schwarzbier), Bläck Mäx + Cola
Visit 3 times a week (M,W,Th) starting at 18:30pm and lasting 3 hours(!). Cost is 8.50 euros, but includes a Fiege mug, "official Fiege expert certification" and a free bus pass, which you'll need after the tour :)
Soccer Clubs VfL Bochum
Tasting Notes gives the Pils it a top rating, along with good marks for the Gründer Hell.

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