Brewery was founded in 1858 by Theodor König and by 1900 was producing about 50,000 hl. The brewery was taken over by Bitburger in 2004.

Full Name König-Brauerei GmbH
Address Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 255-263, Postfach 66 01 40, 47139 Duisburg
Phone: 0203 - 455-0, Fax: 0203 - 455-2515
Website www.koenig.de
Slogan "Heute ein König" ("Today a king")
Production 2,000,000 hl (2003), almost all Pils
Beers König-Pilsener, Kelts (alcohol-free)
Tours 3 hour tours, morning and afternoon. Up to a year wait. No one under 18.
Soccer Clubs Alemannia Aachen, MSV Duisburg, TuS Celle, RW Essen, RW Oberhausen, SpFr Hamborn, VfL Wolfsburg

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