The roots of brewing in the Sauerland go back to the 1300s. The current brewery is first officially mentioned in 1803, when it was basically a family run house. Their brews became popular with steel workers and miners. The Krombacher Pils began being bottled in 1890, although the official name wasn't around until about 1904. At that time, production was some 35,000 hl. (Today, the Pils flagship is one of Germany's more popular, with approx. 9% marketshare, some 5.5 million hl.)

Full Name Krombacher Brauerei
Address Hagener Straße 261, 57223 Kreuztal-Krombach
Phone: 02732 - 880 - 0, Fax.: 02732 - 880 - 254
Production Approx. 5.5 million hectoliters in 2004.
Beers Flagship is the famed Krombacher Pils. Others include Extra Mild, Radler and Alkoholfrei.
Visit Mo-Th 13:30-17:00.
Soccer Clubs Arminia Bielefeld, Hertha BSC, SpFr Siegen
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