The largest selling beer in Germany, readily available in the US.

They've become a major partner for Borussia Dortmund.

Full Name WARSTEINER Brauerei
Address Haus Cramer KG, Domring 4-10, 59581 Warstein
Tel.: (0 29 02) 88 0, Fax: (0 29 02) 88 12 99
E-Mail: info@warsteiner.com
Website www.warsteiner.de
Slogan "Eine Königen unter den Bieren" ("A queen among beers")
Beers The flagship is the Warsteiner Pilsner, although they also make various mixtures ("Cola", "Lemon", "Orange", "Alkoholfrei", "Hi-Light", "Hi-Light Cola", "Hi-Light Lemon").
Visit M-F, 10:30-15:30, every hour. Cost is 5 euros includes Warsteiner fresh on tap and "westfälischen Eintopf" (a westphalian stew). Some 60,000 visitors a year.
Soccer Clubs Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC, SC Paderborn, Dynamo Dresden, Fortuna Düsseldorf, SV Lippstadt 08 are mentioned on their website. In the past also Holstein Kiel, Wattenscheid 09, VfL Wolfsburg
Tasting Notes "The biggest selling beer in Germany, from a very image driven Warsteiner Pilsner (1-2 stars) has a light hop bouquet, alightly creamy maltiness and a spirity, dryish fnish." (Michael Jackson, A Pocket Guide to Beer)

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