A regional brewery in Saxony. The town received the right to brew from Emperor karl IV in 1356, and several private citizens took up the task. The first commercial brewery was built in 1435. A commons brewery was built by the city in the early 1800s, and it was eventually purchased by the Glaab brothers in 1940. Their descendants continue to run the brewery. An agreement with the monks of St.Marienstern in 1995 also gace Wittenichauer the right to brew the cloister brews as well.

The brewery also sponsors a "Bier-Marathon". All the contestants start at city center and then run to all the different Gaststätte to drink a Wittichenauer Pils.

Full Name Stadtbrauerei Wittenichauer
Address Stadtbrauerei Wittichenau, E. Glaab GmbH, Haschkestraße 33, 02997 Wittichenau
Phone: 035725-75110 Fax: 035725-75151
Website www.wittichenauer.de
Slogan Unser Heimat. Unser Bier" ("Our home, our beer")
Beers Wittichenauer Gold, Wittichenauer Premium Pils, Wittichenauer Bock St. Marienstern Klosterbräu (dark), St. Marienstern Klosterbräu (special), Lausitzer Premium Pils, Lausitzer Seen Radler
Visit Yes, by appointment. Also a gasthaus "Zur Kegelbahn", open daily from 11:00.
Soccer Clubs FSV Hoyerswerda
Tasting Notes

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