Zwiefalter Klosterbräu

A monastery brewery in the Swabian alps. The monastery was founded in 1089, and were brewing beer at least by 1521. The Württemberg government confiscated the monastery and took over the brewery in 1803 (something as important as beer can't be left to God...). The Baader family took over the brewery in 1897 and runs it to this day.

Full Name Zwiefalter Klosterbräu oHG
Address Hauptstr. 24, Postfach 50, 88529 Zwiefalten
Phone: (07373)200 0, Fax: (07373)200 30
Slogan "Das haben wir uns verdient" ("We've earned/deserve this")
Beers Koster Pils, Pilsener (Edeltyp),Spezial Export, Festbier, Hefeweizentrüb, Weizen krsitallklar, Hefe -dunkel, -leicht, -drittel
Visit Tours M-F, lasts up to 3 hours. Price from 3.50-6.50, up to 13.00 euros, depending on whether you want "Weisswurst", full meal, full tour, extra beer etc.
Soccer Clubs SSV Reutlingen
Tasting Notes gives the Pilsener a slightly above average (5.5) rating. The Weizenhefetrüb gets high marks. Export is considered weak.

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