WSV blog: Tough draw

Actually, it was a pretty good match. This was interim coach Jörg Jung’s first match, and at least WSV showed some will. Siegen pressured WSV throughout the match, but the Wuppertal defense was well organized. Rashid El-Hammouchi, back in the line-up, especially was a vaccuum-cleaner, sweeping up everything. The Bergisch-Lions also launched some decent counters, and came close to taking the lead on a few locations. It was an intense battle that engaged the fans (including 250 travelling Wuppertalers), but things eventually petered out. After about 70 minutes, both sides were exhausted and just kicked the ball around waiting for the whistle.

Next week is the traditional battle with Rot-Weiss Essen…

Sportfreunde Siegen: 
Koczor – 
Dalman, Binder, Klippel, Weber – 
Zeh, Grebe – 
Jakobs, Schattner, Dej (61. Veselinovic) – 
Trainer: Michael Boris 

Semmler – 
Neppe, Reichert, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi – 
Meier, Moosmayer – 
Landers (26. Abel), Boztepe (80. Wassinger), Cornelius (88. Schumacher) – 
Trainer: Jörg Jung 

Yellow cards: Klippel - Meier 

Ref: Cetin Sevinc (Waltrop) 

Attendance: 1,967(Leimbachstadion, Siegen)

Sportfreunde Lotte	-   Rot-Weiß Oberhausen     4:1 (2:0)     972
VfB Hüls	        -   Bayer Leverkusen II     2:3 (2:2)     230
SV Bergisch Gladbach 	-   FC Kray	            2:0 (0:0)     515
Fortuna Köln	        -   SC Wiedenbrück 2000     2:0 (1:0)     796
Fortuna Düsseldorf II	-   FC Schalke 04 II	    0:1 (0:1)     150
1. FC Köln II	        -   FC Viktoria Köln	    2:2 (0:1)   1,946
Rot-Weiss Essen	        -   VfL Bochum II	    2:1 (1:0)   7,142
SSVg Velbert	        -   Borussia M'gladbach II  2:0 (1:0)     200
Sportfreunde Siegen	-   Wuppertaler SV 	    0:0 (0:0)   1,967
SC Verl	                -   MSV Duisburg II	    1:1 (0:0)     250

 1  FC Viktoria Köln (N)	16    11   3   2    39:16  +23 	  36
 2  FC Schalke 04 II	  	17    11   3   3    31:15  +16 	  36 
 3  Fortuna Köln	  	17    11   2   4    32:15  +17 	  35 
 4  Rot-Weiss Essen	  	16    10   4   2    27:16  +11 	  34
 5  Sportfreunde Siegen (N)	17     9   4   4    28:13  +15 	  31 
 6  Sportfreunde Lotte	  	16     9   4   3    29:17  +12 	  31
 7  Wuppertaler SV 	  	17     7   5   5    28:23  +5 	  26 
 8  SC Verl	  	        17     6   6   5    33:24  +9 	  24 
 9  VfL Bochum II	  	16     7   3   6    18:16  +2 	  24 
10  1. FC Köln II	  	16     5   5   6    29:29   0 	  20 
11  Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (A)	16     6   2   8    26:33  -7 	  20 
12  SSVg Velbert (N)	  	17     5   4   8    16:26  -10 	  19 
13  SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 (N)	16     6   1   9    15:26  -11 	  19 
14  Bayer Leverkusen II	  	16     5   3   8    22:27  -5 	  18
15  MSV Duisburg II (N)	  	17     4   5   8    19:26  -7 	  17
16  VfB Hüls (N)	  	17     4   4   9    18:32  -14 	  16 
17  Borussia M'gladbach II	16     4   3   9    12:27  -15 	  15 
18  SC Wiedenbrück 2000	  	16     3   4   9    20:31  -11 	  13 
19  Fortuna Düsseldorf II	16     3   3  10    17:27  -10 	  12 
20  FC Kray (N)	  	        16     3   2  11    17:37  -20 	  11

Top club to playoffs. 
Bottom 5 clubs relegated, 15th relegated depending on 3.Liga

WSV: Bruns fired!

In a somewhat surprising move, Wuppertaler SV fired head coach Hans-Günter Bruns today. He’ll be replaced assistant Jörg Jung. Bruns had taken over in September 2011, and the performance has been largely mediocre. So it that sense, I suppose it’s not a bad move, since the team has pretty much continued to suck. On other hand, the board has shown almost decades of incompetence, so it’s hard to believe that things are going to get any better.

WSV: Another loss

The good news is that WSV sucked on Friday night, so at least folks can enjoy their weekend.
The team pretty much stunk from the start, hardly creating any chances. Coach Bruns basically said they were crap and that he couldn’t blame the fans going home pissed off. (Or at least “pissed” in the British sense). Anyway, the less said about this, the better.

Wuppertaler SV 	  -   Sportfreunde Lotte	 	0:1 (0:0)

 0:1  Dalibor Gataric (47.) 

Attendance: 1,015, Stadion Am Zoo 	

Semmler - 
Neppe    , Haas , Wiwerink , Moosmayer - 
Reichert , Fleßers    , Landers , Boztepe    - 
Wassinger , Knappmann
Cornelius (60., Boztepe)
Abel (83., Neppe)
Trainer: Bruns

Buchholz - 
Hohnstedt , Willers , G. Nauber , Dan. Gataric - 
Dal. Gataric     , Chahed , Loose    , Wingerter - 
Shapourzadeh       , Prokoph
D. Schmidt (75., Shapourzadeh)
Tietz (90., Loose)
Trainer: Walpurgis

WSV: finally decent

WSV got back on track in a somewhat fortunate win in a matchup of two ex-Bundesliga squads. Oberhausen was by no means the worse team, so Wuppertal can thank the heavens that they keep all the points. Some ex-WSV men, Ken Asaeda, Peter Nettekoven and Mike Terranova showed up in RWO colors…

Thinsg started out brightly enough, with Robert Flessers taking a ball in midfield, advancing and then blasting a long ball into the net. However RWO began to dominate and it took saves by Semmler to keep the lead. When the equalizer finally came, it was well deserved. The match was a bit more equal, but the guests still had the better chances. So a draw at half-time favored WSV..
In the second half, Wuppertal looked a bit better. It almost started with a bang, but a brilliant save 11 seconds into the half from Semmler off Sindi saved WSV’s ass. Then a few minutes later, the usual counterattack, Landers crosses, there’s Knappmann…ball int he net. Oberhausen reacted with furious attacks, hitting the post. But again fortune was with WSV. A freekick from about 40 meters was floated in by Landers. The Oberhausen keeper (the ex-WSV man) seemingly misjudged it as a cross and it flew over his head for a goal. This proved to be the decider. Oberhausen continued to attack, but in desperation. This opened up several opportunities for WSV, which they managed to disgracefully blow. But in the end it was a Wuppertal victory, desperately needed after the many crap results.

With the win, WSV remains 7th with 25 points in the Regionalliga West after 15 matches, 7 points off the pace of leaders FC Viktoria Köln. Oberhausen remains 10th with 19 points.

Wuppertaler SV 	 - 	Rot-Weiß Oberhausen	 3:1 (1:1)

1:0 Fleßers (4.) 	 
1:1 Sindi (29.) 
2:1 Knappmann (48.) 	  
3:1 Landers (56.) 

Attendance: 1,441 Stadion-Am-Zoo (Wuppertal)

Semmler - 
Neppe, Haas, Reichert, Herzenbruch - 
Fleßers, Abel, Moosmayer       - 
Landers, Knappmann, Cornelius  
Boztepe (32., Abel)
Wassinger (73., Cornelius)
Meier (77., Moosmayer)	  
Trainer: Bruns

Nettekoven - 
Tyler, Hötte, Nowak, Sturm - 
Sindi, Grumann, Asaeda, R. Schneider - 
Talarski, Mützel
Terranova (79., Sindi)	 
Trainer: Kunkel

WSV: Another disgrace

Another crap WSV performance. This is beginning to be a broken record. Well, on the plus side, I can pretty much just copy last week’s entry, saving me time.

WSV came out flat, proceeded to suck and gets their ass kicked. Disgraceful. Nothing else worth mentioning.

Wuppertaler SV    .   Borussia M'gladbach II    0:2 (0:1)

 	         0:1 Dams (37.) 
  	         0:2 Dertwinkel (90.)
Attendance: 1,195 {Stadion Am Zoo, Wuppertal)


Semmler - 
Neppe, Wiwerink, Haas, Moosmayer - 
Reichert, Fleßers, Landers, Boztepe, Quotschalla - 
Wassinger (69., Boztepe) 
Abel (74., Reichert)
Trainer: Bruns


Kompalla - 
M. Zimmermann    , Dams     , Stang , Janeczek - 
C. Lenz , Korb , Bastürk , Bieler       - 
Pisano , Platzek  
Dertwinkel (70., Platzek)
C. Zimmermann  (86., Bieler)
Gross (90., M. Zimmermann) 	
Trainer: Demandt

WSV: another escape

Another crappy result for WSV, this time at Duisburg’s B squad. Things started off horribly, as Tom Moosmayer’s “hospital pass” allowed Kastrato a freebie. WSV was still in shock and they were down 2-0. They did start the comeback, but despite dominating, were always in chaos on Duisburg counterattacks. It looked grim and another disgraceful defeat after the Zebras were again up two in an hour. But luckily Wuppertal stormed back, and once again, a late header by Christian Knappmann saved a point. Disappointing, because we needed the win, but I guess this one is a point saved.

So WSV slumps to 5th, 6 points behind leaders Viktoria Köln. Ironically, WSV’s next match is a firendly against…MSV Duisburg’s 2.Liga squad…

MSV Duisburg II	   -   Wuppertaler SV   3:3 (2:1)

1:0 Kastrati (4.) 	  
2:0 Taskin (10.) 	  
2:1 Landers (19.) 
3:1 Reinert (64.) 	 
3:2 Quotschalla (66.) 
3:3 Knappmann (80.) 

Attendance: 567,  Westender Strasse (Duisburg)

Mar. Lenz - 
Reinert, M'Bengue, Hennen, Abdulla    - 
T. Öztürk, Taskin     - 
Mandiangu, Kunt, Jevtic     - 
Gjasula (71., Abdulla)
Somuah (77., Kastrati)
Kalski (81., Mandiangu)	      
Trainer: Wölpper

Semmler    - 
Neppe, Schlieter, Wiwerink, Moosmayer - 
Landers, Reichert, Fleßers, Boztepe - 
Quotschalla, Knappmann       
Herzenbruch (46., Reichert)
Wassinger (67., Quotschalla)
Meier (67., Fleßers)	
Trainer: Bruns

WSV: Top battle

OK, so midweek WSV had a disgraceful performance against a crap team and got owned.
I was thinking, this would have been a good time if the DFB had changed it to the ancient Aztec game of ollama, which was basically like soccer, except you had to kick the ball through a ring high up on a wall. Sounds lame, but it had one redeeming quality – the losing team was usually put to death. Such was my state of mind, and obviously most WSV fans, as less than 2,500 showed up for the top of table clash with Viktoria Köln…

I guess that’s too bad, because it turned out to be quite a fine match, worthy of a top clash. WSV was still half asleep when Viktoria gave them the rude awakening, when Müller caught Semmler on the wrong foot. However, WSV was only momentarily stunned, and started to assert control of the game. Viktoria was dangerous on the counterattacks, but was continually pushed back. In the 2nd half, the pressure continued, and WSV got more dominant. A long blast from Boztepe was knocked down, but Flessers put home the rebound for the long deserved equalizer after 60 minutes. Now WSV took complete control and pressed for the win. But as usual with Wuppertal, they then ruined everything and did something stupid, As Schleiter headed the ball in his own net after a lame cross. It looked like a deflating loss, but in the injury extension, WSV marksmann Christian Knappmann headed in from a corner to at least save WSV’s ass. It was his 8th, and he leads the Regionalliga once again.

Overall a fine game, especially by WSV. But Wuppertal lacks the killer instinct, as they should have won this one. Viktoria remains in 1st, WSV in 4th, 3 points down.

Wuppertaler SV     - 	FC Viktoria Köln    2:2 (0:1)
  	          0:1 D. Müller (7.) 
                  1:1 Fleßers (60.) 	 
  	          1:2 Schlieter (88., own goal) 
                  2:2 Knappmann (90. + 1) 

Attendance: 2,471 (Stadion Am Zoo, Wuppertal)

Semmler - 
Neppe, Schlieter , Wiwerink , Moosmayer - 
Reichert, Fleßers     - 
Landers, Boztepe, Quotschalla - 


El Hammouchi (68., Neppe)
Meier (78., Reichert)
Wassinger (81., Boztepe)

Trainer: Bruns

Viktoria Köln:
Poremba - 
Cozza, Propheter, Kukielka, Eichmeier    - 
Schultens, Voigt    - 
Schlösser, Wunderlich, D. Müller        - 


Glowacz (25., Eichmeier)
Candan (67., Schlösser)
Federico (78., D. Müller)

Trainer: Scholz

WSV: another close one

A hard fought win that keeps Wuppertal in 3rd place in the Regionalliga West. The Schalke U23 side came out strong and had the early lead, but Knappmann once again got WSV going. His diving header gave Wuppertal the lead, and they were able to build things out a little after the restart. Despite Schalke converting a penalty, it was the home side that pressed harder and were closer to another score. Schalke’s GK looked in fine form as he prevented another WSV goal. Overall, a decent performance.

Wuppertaler SV     - 	FC Schalke 04 II     2:1 (1:0)
                  1:0 Knappmann (30.) 	  
                  2:0 Landers (49.) 	 
                  2:1 Langlitz (64., Elfmeter) 

Attendance: 1,1610, Stadion Am Zoo


Semmler - 
Schumacher, Schlieter, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi    - 
Reichert - 
Landers, Boztepe, Moosmayer, Quotschalla - 


Abel (72., Boztepe)
Wassinger (78., Knappmann)
Meier (88., Landers)	

Trainer: Bruns


Oswald - 
Langlitz, Sabah, Uaferro , Hertner    -
Moritz, Erdmann    - 
Klingenburg, Torres, Caillas - 


Ernst(46., Klingenburg)
Max (58., Türpitz)
Pas. Schmidt(82., Hertner)

Trainer: Trares

WSV: Close win on road

Wuppertal travelled to the Essen ghetto of Kray for a critical road match.

Defender Marco Neppe, who had previously played for WSV from 2007-2010, returned and was immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Christian Knappmann was once again raring to go, on the 3rd minute, his header beat the Kray keeper, but was stopped by the post. Another close shot a few minutes later on a pass from Landers. WSV looked like it was going to roll over Kray easily. However despite continued pressure and Wuppertal chances, the match went scoreless into halftime.

WSV continued their assault, and after being denied a penalty, took the lead. Boztepe crossed from the left, Knappmann headed home. 6th goal in 6 games, looks like he’s keeping last year’s 30 goal mark in view. WSV continued to dominate the match, creating several more chances, but were unable to get another goal. It turned out OK however, since Kray basically generated zilch of their own.

Not a great win, since they should have scored at least a half-dozen. But it’s a win…

FC Kray	    - 	Wuppertaler SV     0:1 (0:0)

0:1  Knappmann (54.)

Attendance: 1,252 Uhlenkrug, Essen

O. Allouche - 
Kretschmar, Knieper, Zweck    - 
Kehrmann, Sokhan Sanj, Karagülmez, Milaszewski    - 
Mun, Elouriachi - 
Ph. Schmidt
M. Walter (65., Mun)
Nimptsch (73., Milaszewski)	
I. Ketsatis (85., Kretschmar)

Trainer: Wißel

Semmler - 
Neppe, Reichert, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi - 
Fleßers, Moosmayer    - 
Landers, Boztepe - 
Quotschalla, Knappmann      
Wassinger (73., Quotschalla)
Meier (88., Knappmann)
Schlieter (90., Reichert)

Trainer: Bruns