2.Liga playoffs: Slight Edge to Karlsruhe

Jahn Regensburg	    - 	 Karlsruher SC	  1:1 (0:0)    10,724

                   1:0  Alibaz (58., penalty, Binder)
                   1:1  P. GroƟ (76., Ngwat-Mahop)

Karlrsuher SC is trying to remain in the 2.Liga, and 3.Liga challenger Jahn Regensburg went into the series as a slight underdog.

Karlsruhe has a slight advantage after the 1st leg of the 2.Liga promotion playoffs. Jahn Regensburg had the support of a sold-out stadium, and looked equal to KSC, but will be at a disadvantage in the replay.

After an even but rather boring 1st half, things heated up. Regensburg got lucky as Binder took a dive and was awarded a penalty. This woke up KSC, and they pressed hard for the equalizer. A nice 20 meter blast by Pascal Gross squared the match, and the visitors looked the fresher team until the end, threatening to take all the points.

Both clubs will undoubtedly make adjustments for the replay in Karlsruhe on Monday the 14th…

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