2.Liga playoffs: Jahn prevails!

In a somewhat upset, Jahn Regensburg advances into the 2.Liga as they held favored Karlsruher SC 2-2. Since the first leg in Regensburg ended 1-1, Jahn advances on the away goal rule. This is a bitter pill for KSC and their fans, who packed the Wildparkstadion in anticipation of a win and another season in the 2.Liga. Instead, they swallow the bitter pill of a 3.Liga future.
For Jahn Regensburg, this is a fortunate turn of events. They struggled to get that 3rd place finish in the 2.Liga, and were clear underdogs against the better known Karlsruhe side. But it is as things should be, as KSC should have been relegated anyway, if you believe that the playoffs are rewarding teams that have sucked all year long with another chance.

Karlsruher SC	 - 	Jahn Regensburg	 	2:2 (1:1)    29,699

                0:1  Hein (28.)
                1:1  Lavric (32., Iashvili)
                2:1  Charalambous (56., Staffeldt)
                2:2  Laurito (66., Alibaz)

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