Champions League: Bayern chokes!

Bayern München	 - 	FC Chelsea      1:1 (0:0)    3-4 on penalties

                1:0  T. Müller (83., Kroos)
                1:1  Drogba (88., Mata)

Bayern: (Lahm, Gomez, Neuer, Olic - x, Scweinsteiger x)
Chelsea: (Mata - x, Luiz, Lampard, Cole, Drogba)

Attendance: 62,500

Bayern München choked and lost on penalties in a hard fought Champions League final. The “home” side dominated the match and created many chances, but a spirited Chelsea defense stood firm. In the end, Bayern deserved to lose. If you make too many wanker moves and blow your chances, don’t be crying when the other team wins.

Bayern did dominate the match, and Chelsea was pushed back defending for their life. But the German side never seemed to get off their shot without getting it blocked. Still, with increasing pressure, it seemed only a matter of time until Bayern would get the goal. Chelsea had few breakout counterattacks, but the Bayern defense was pretty solid and stopped those threats without Manuel Neuer having much to do. Finally, in the 83rd minute, off a high cross from Toni Kroos, Thomas Müller headed down and the ball bounced over Petr Cech into the goal. However at this moment of potential victory, Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes laid the seed for defeat. He pulled Müller for another defender Daniel Van Buyten to try and kill off the game. Bayern, which had been dominating, lost their flow. Chelsea got their first corner of the game, and Drogba powered home a header for the equalizer. Hey Heynckes, how’s that extra defender working out for ya?

In overtime, Bayern again had the edge, although no longer quite as dominate. Then Frank Ribery dribbled into the box, and Drogba clipped his heel. Penalty! Of course that wanker Arjen Robben popped up to take it, and Cech made the save! (Robben overall sucked, dribbling around and then blasting souvenirs into the crowd most of the game). To make matters worse, Ribery had apparently twisted his ankle, so now he was off. In his place came Ivica Olic. Bayern was still the aggressor, and created a couple of huge chances, the best when Olic looked to shoot but crossed, and Gomez missed the ball and empty net.

Then on penalties, Bayern again had the advantage. Neuer stopped Chelsea’s first kick. But later Olic, who gave a nice good-bye present to the fans on his way to Wolfsburg, missed his, and Schweinsteiger put his shot off the post. Bayern loses!!

Unbelievable. I wanted Bayern to win since they represent the Bundesliga and (hehehe), although as a non-Bayern fan there is a certain je ne sais quoi satisfaction when they fail. (Of course getting owned by Dortmund this season makes it less satisfying.)

But fair is fair. Chelski deserved to win not because they were better, but because Bayern blew it.

2 thoughts on “Champions League: Bayern chokes!

  1. Absofuckinlutely. Happy Birthday, Chelsea. Oh, and trade Robben for some dirty towels and jockstrap cleaner. That’s all that no-heart, selfish bastard is worth.

  2. I hope Mr Löw has been watching how Bayern has bottled it this last couple of months a remembers this when he comes to pick his squad and team this summer…

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