WSV blog: Dortmund II promoted

WSV was unable to knockoff Dortmund’s B squad, who thereby win the Regionalliga West/Südwest a point ahead of Sportfreunde Lotte. This crowns a fine season for the Neon-B, whose coach is David Wagner, who’s main claim to fame is a couple of matches for the US National team.

It was a very entertaining match, with both sides going for the win. Dortmund was more fortunate, and jumped out a bit faster. WSV looked beaten but charged back into the match. Things looked ready to fall apart when Robert Flessers got his ass tossed for insulting the referee after Dortmund’s 4th goal. But Christian Knappmann nailed his 30th goal of the season (which is tops in all four levels) and WSV had chances to tie until the end. (A tie would have sent Lotte into the 3.Liga). All-in-all, a decent performance against a motivated opponent, but overall it’s been a crap season, despite the good run in the final third.

In player news, Danny Cornelius of VfB Lübeck has signed a contract with WSV for next season. Cornelius had previously played for coach Hans-Günter Bruns, and is considered one of the fastest players in the Regionalliga.

Wuppertaler SV 	 - 	Borussia Dortmund II	 3:5 (1:3)

Attendance: 7,048 in Stadion Am Zoo

0:1 Vrancic (8.)
0:2 Boyd (16.) 
1:2 Flottmann (34.) 	 
1:3 J. Hofmann (40.)
2:3 Quotschalla (46.) 	 
2:4 J. Hofmann (56.) 
3:4 Knappmann (59., penalty) 	  
3:5 Vrancic (90. + 2) 

Klafflsberger - 
El Hammouchi, Flottmann, Schlieter, Herzenbruch    - 
Fleßers, Moosmayer - 
Landers, Zieba    - 
Knappmann, Quotschalla       

van den Bergh (63., Herzenbruch)	
Baltes (75., Landers)
B. Abelski (77., Quotschalla)

Trainer: Bruns

Focher    - 
Fring, Terzic, Paurevic, M. Halstenberg - 
Benatelli, Bakalorz    - 
Baykan, Vrancic, J. Hofmann  - 

Ducksch (59., Boyd)
Treude (70., J. Hofmann)
Soltanpour (82., Baykan)

Trainer: Wagner

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