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It was funny when the story first broke, but the ending kinda sucks. Bayern’s Brazilian defender Breno was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail for arson. Last year Breno burned down his own house. The whole incident was an embarassment to the club, so Bayern fired his ass. But unfortunately that wasn’t the final act, and a court in M√ľnchen threw the book at him. Breno’s lawyer was hoping for a suspended sentence, but looks like the talented defender will spend time in the klink. There were reports that Lazio was interested in signing him, but this is probably a death sentence to his career. Most likely after less than a couple of years in the slammer, he will get deported to Brazil. The also-not-funny ending had another surprise, as Bayern management was quoted as saying “we support Breno”. But of course not enough that they didn’t can his ass prior…

Bayern was in the news in a more positive way, although maybe it will also end as a joke. The club apparently dumped 13 million euros over to Wolfsburg for Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic. I’m not sure this move makes too much sense. Bayern signed oldtimer Claudio Pizarro, and now Mandzukic. Of course they already have Mario Gomez, so expect some grumbling over playing time. The VWs probably made a good deal. Mandzukic got off to a quick start, but then became a magician. (He disappeared.) He did have a good euro tournament. I guess Felix Magath figured he already had a zillion players on the VW roster, so he might as well dump one and get some cash.

BTW, I promise I’ll try and write something on the transfers in the Bundesliga soon…

To continue with our “Bayern News Week”, Bayern apparently has brought in Matthias Sammer as Sport-Direktor. What?! Sammer is a Dortmund legend, both as a player and coach. Then he went off to the DFB, and has certainly has had a hand in Germany’s revival via their strengthened youth program. Now why (aside from lots of deutschmarks, err, euros) would he go over to Bayern? Guess everybody has their price…

Well, here’s another one that isn’t too stunning. Ralf Rangnick is now boss of RedBull Leipzig. err, Rasenballsport Leipzig. Rangnick is Sport-Direktor and will also be responsible for Austrian powerhouse RB Salzburg. Not sure how that works, since in theory corporate teams are not allowed in German football. (Bayer Leverksuen an exception, but at least they go back to 1904). But the more interesting aspect is the “been there, done that”. Rangnick was in charge of Hoffenheim and brought them into the Bundesliga. Red Bull wants to do the same thing with Leipzig, so who better to do it than the man that already? Of course Rangnick burned out at Schalke after leaving Hoffenheim, so perhaps this is a good move for him, as he doesn’t seen redy to step into direct coaching just yet.

If you wondered what happened to Augsburg’s coach Jos Luhukay, who really put FCA on the map, not surprising that he didn’t stay out long. The Dutchman stunned everybody by resigning after leading Augsburg to an unexpected salvation in the Bundesliga. Most speculated that he must have figured that was as far as FCA was going to get. Luhukay then turned around and took over as head coach for relegated Hertha BSC. It would be a surprise if he didn’t manage to get them back in the Bundesliga, although obviously a long-term fix isn going to be more difficult.

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