Transfer Summary, Part 3

1.FSV Mainz 05 +670.000 €

Grade: C-

OK, so Mainz has no money. They made a profit on selling some players they weren’t going to keep, which was nice. But even though they only spent 2 million, it’s probably wasted money. It’s not clear if those signings will even contribute, so why spend anything?
Note: After I wrote this, Mainz signed Ivan Klasnic to a one year deal. The Croatian striker had been released by Bolton, so he was free to sign after the deadline. Mainz swooped in Monday night…

Shawn Parker 	        1.FSV Mainz 05 II 	
Júnior Díaz 	        FC Brügge 	           80.000 €
Chinedu Ede 	        1.FC Union Berlin 	1.200.000 €
Tobias Schilk 	        1.FSV Mainz 05 II 	
Nikita Rukavytsya 	Hertha BSC 		  900.000 €
Petar Sliskovic *	FC St. Pauli 	
Ivan Klasnic            Bolton Wanderers
Eugen Gopko 	        (unknown)
Mohamed Zidan 	        Baniyas SC 	
Zoltán Stieber 	        SpVgg Greuther Fürth 	 900.000 €
Fabian Schönheim *	1.FC Union Berlin 	  50.000 €
Sami Allagui 	        Hertha BSC 	       1.600.000 €
Malik Fathi *		Kayserispor 		 200.000 €
Deniz Yilmaz *		SC Paderborn 07 	  50.000 €
Petar Sliskovic *	Dynamo Dresden 	 	  50.000 €
Anthony Ujah *		1.FC Köln 	
Mario Gavranovic *	FC Schalke 04 	

Hamburger SV -24.000.000 €

Grade: B-

HSV needed to make a move, and to management credit, they invested 27 million. However it will come down to whether ex-HSV hero Rafael van der Vaart still has it. If he can regain his old HSV form, he’ll be a hero again. Otherwise, an expensive fee just to get more pictures of his wife Sylvie in the tabloids. The other signings might be useful, but Hamburg has a lot to prove. There is some question on who is going to score goals. They also spent money on Calhanoglu, and then turned around and sent him back to KSC.

Artem Rudnev 	        Lech Posen 		 3.500.000 €
René Adler 	        Bayer 04 Leverkusen 
Christian Nörgaard 	Hamburger SV II 	
Paul Scharner 	        West Bromwich Albion 	
Milan Badelj 	        GNK Dinamo Zagreb 	 4.000.000 €
Hakan Calhanoglu 	Karlsruher SC 		 2.500.000 €
Petr Jirácek 	        VfL Wolfsburg 		 4.000.000 €
Rafael van der Vaart 	Tottenham Hotspur 	13.000.000 €
Maximilian Beister *	Fortuna Düsseldorf 	
Lennard Sowah *		FC Millwall 	
Romeo Castelen 	        (unknown)
Gökhan Töre 	        Rubin Kazan 	         3.000.000 €
Lennard Sowah 	        Hamburger SV II 	
Macauley Chrisantus 	UD Las Palmas 	
Kevin Ingreso 	        Hamburger SV II 	
Mladen Petric 	        FC Fulham 	
Dániel Nagy 	        VfL Osnabrück 	
Miroslav Stepanek 	FK Senica
Sören Bertram 	        VfL Bochum 	
Mickaël Tavares 	Chernomorets Burgas 	
David Jarolím 	        FC Évian Thonon Gaillard 	
Hakan Calhanoglu *	Karlsruher SC 	
Muhamed Besic 	        Ferencváros Budapest 	

SpVgg Greuther Fürth -1.200.000 €

Grade: C-

Promoted Fürth spent 2.5 million, but it’s not clear what they got. Fall and Stieber figure to see decent playing time, but not sure about the others. Losing Occean hurts their attack, although it’s not clear whether he’s Bundesliga quality. They’re basically going in with a 2.Liga squad, so they’ll have to fight to stay up. (I’m not saying they’re automatic relegation fodder, just that their buys don’t look like a lot of help)

Ilir Azemi 	        SpVgg Greuther Fürth II 	
Tobias Mikkelsen 	FC Nordsjaelland 	  500.000 €
Issa Ndoye 	        Volyn Lutsk 	
Zoltán Stieber 	        1.FSV Mainz 05 	 	  900.000 €
Abdul Rahman Baba 	Dreamz FC 	
Lasse Sobiech *		Borussia Dortmund 	  100.000 €
Thanos Petsos 	        Bayer 04 Leverkusen 	   50.000 €
Michael Hefele 	        SpVgg Unterhaching 	
Wolfgang Hesl 	        Dynamo Dresden 	
Thomas Pledl 	        TSV 1860 München U19 	
Djiby Fall 	        KSC Lokeren 		  800.000 €
Franck Ohandza *	Buriram United 	           50.000 €
Edu *		        FC Schalke 04 	          100.000 €

Dani Schahin 	        Fortuna Düsseldorf 
Olivier Occéan 	        Eintracht Frankfurt 	1.300.000 €
Asen Karaslavov 	Botev Plovdiv 	
Fabian Baumgärtel *	Alemannia Aachen 
Jasmin Fejzic 	        VfR Aalen 		
Franco Flückiger 	Hallescher FC 	
Christian Dorda 	SC Heracles Almelo 
Stephan Schröck 	TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 		
Christian Rahn 	        Jahn Regensburg 	
Kingsley Onuegbu *	SV Sandhausen 	 

Eintracht Frankfurt -5.150.000 €

Grade: B

As a “big” club, Frankfurt had a little more moeny to spend. However, they went for quantity instead of proven quality. They held much of their talent in the 2.Liga. They brought in several players that look to contribute.

Erik Wille 	        Eintracht Frankfurt U19 	
Vadim Demidov 	        Real Sociedad              500.000 €
Olivier Occéan 	        SpVgg Greuther Fürth 	 1.300.000 €
Takashi Inui 	        VfL Bochum 		 1.200.000 €
Marc-Oliver Kempf 	Eintracht Frankfurt U17 	
Marc Stendera 	        Eintracht Frankfurt U17 	
Martin Lanig 	        1.FC Köln 	
Bastian Oczipka 	Bayer 04 Leverkusen 	   500.000 €
Stefano Celozzi 	VfB Stuttgart 	V
Julian Dudda 	        Eintracht Frankfurt U19 	
Alexander Hien 	        Eintracht Frankfurt U19 		
Stefan Aigner 	        TSV 1860 München 	
Kevin Trapp 	        1.FC Kaiserslautern 	 1.500.000 €
Anderson 	        Borussia Mönchengladbach   800.000 €
Erwin Hoffer *		SSC Neapel 	           200.000 €
Carlos Zambrano 	FC St. Pauli 		 1.200.000 €
Dorge Kouemaha *	FC Brügge 	           200.000 €
Matthias Lehmann 	1.FC Köln 	
Mohamadou Idrissou 	1.FC Kaiserslautern 	   450.000 €
Gordon Schildenfeld 	Dinamo Moskau 		 1.500.000 €
Marcos Álvarez 	        Stuttgarter Kickers 
Dominik Schmidt 	Preußen Münster 	
Habib Bellaid 	        CS Sedan-Ardennes 	
Ümit Korkmaz 	        FC Ingolstadt 04 	
Ricardo Clark 	        Houston Dynamo 	
Caio César 	        EC Bahia 	
Georgios Tzavellas 	AS Monaco 	           300.000 €
Thomas Kessler *        1.FC Köln 	
Anderson *		Borussia Mönchengladbach

Fortuna Düsseldorf -2.050.000 €

Grade: A or F

Seldom does a transfer period TOTALLY determine a club’s future. But that’s Fortuna this season. They basically dismantled their promotion squad and brought in all new players (on the cheap no less). IF they stay up, it was a brilliant move! A++! If they get relegated, it’s F. No middle ground here.
The only interesting moves made were bringing back Du-Ri Cha, who has bounced around in Germany quite a bit, and signing oldtimer Andrei Voronin, now with his 6th Bundesliga club. (See if you can name them, no cheating!). His other claim to fame is getting the 1,000th red card in the Bundesliga.

Ronny Garbuschewski 	Chemnitzer FC 	
Stelios Malezas 	PAOK Thessaloniki 	450.000 €
Aliosman Aydin 	Fortuna Düsseldorf II 	
Nikos Papadopoulos 	Olympiakos Piräus 	 50.000 €
Mazin Ahmed Alhuthayfi 	Al-Ittihad Dschidda 	
Gerrit Wegkamp 	        VfL Osnabrück 	V 	250.000 €
Tobias Levels 	        Bor. Mönchengladbach 	200.000 €
Stefan Reisinger 	SC Freiburg 		200.000 €
Bastian Müller  	FC Bayern München II 
André Fomitschow 	VfL Wolfsburg II 	
Du-Ri Cha 	        Celtic Glasgow 	
Nando Rafael 	        FC Augsburg 	
Fabian Giefer 	        Bayer 04 Leverkusen 	400.000 €
Leon Balogun 	        SV Werder Bremen II 	
Axel Bellinghausen 	FC Augsburg 	
Bruno Soares 	        MSV Duisburg 	
Dani Schahin 	        SpVgg Greuther Fürth 	
Ivan Paurevic 	        Borussia Dortmund II 	
Andriy Voronin *	Dinamo Moskau 	 	500.000 €
Adriano Grimaldi *	SV Sandhausen 
Sascha Rösler 	        Alemannia Aachen 	
Adriano Grimaldi 	VfL Osnabrück 	
Sascha Dum 	        (unknown)
Ranisav Jovanovic 	MSV Duisburg 
Kai Schwertfeger 	Alemannia Aachen 	
Michael Ratajczak       (unknown)
Thomas Bröker 	        1.FC Köln 	
Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti SV Werder Bremen 	
Markus Krauss 	        Stuttgarter Kickers 
Jules Schwadorf 	Fortuna Düsseldorf II 	
Maximilian Beister *	Hamburger SV
Tobias Levels *		Borussia Mönchengladbach 
Villyan Bijev *		FC Liverpool Reserves 	
Adam Matuschyk *	1.FC Köln 	

5 thoughts on “Transfer Summary, Part 3

  1. Really hope Nikita Rukavytsa does well at Mainz. Watched him several years ago when he played in Perth and he was considered a true rising star with potential to play for the Aussie national team. He went to Holland and played quite weel earning a promotion to Hertha. He stuck through their promotion / relegation yoyo and now gets a chance at Mainz. More game time will set him up for a better chance to play in the national team on a regular basis

    • I think it’s basically Bayern and Dortmund again. Usually there is at least one club that rises to the occasion and challenges, but it’s not sustainable. Bayern of course is a given, given their tradition and massive resources. Dortmund has built a good side and has recovered from their financial difficulties, so they look to become a more permanent rival. Schalke is where Dortmund was a few years ago. They could become a 3rd force, but not yet…their finances don’t allow it, since they carry the debt from the new stadium. Clubs that potentially challenge on a regular basis, like Stuttgart, Bremen and Hamburg are all in semi-chaos or transition now. I suppose Leverkusen could, but only if Bayer went crazy with money, which won’t happen. Teams like Gladbach and Hannover are flash-in-the-pan..don’t be surprised if they’re fighting relegation in a couple of seasons.

  2. I wish this were a permanent question (‘can any other team join the Bayern/Dortmund battle’). Realistically – by which I mean a view grounded in history – the more acute question is: can Dortmund truly pose a long(er)-term challenge to Bayern. And even though (perhaps) everything looks better than it ever did for Dortmund (great coach, responsible management, good academy), the answer is still wide open. The good news about Dortmund’s challenge is that even Gladbach (similar support/infrastructure) could do it. But will they? I’m hopeful, yet skeptical – again, based in history. Look where HSV or Bremen are right now.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Can Dortmund keep up the pace and become the permanent second force in German football? After all, in the late 90s and early 2000s, Dortmund was flying high. But then the floor gave way and they almost went bankrupt. One would like to think that they are much more conscious of financial management this time around, and that they will be able to sustain their growth.
      Gladbach on the other hand, I just don’t think they will be able to scale the heights and maintain it…they should be happy avoiding relegation.

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