Europa: Champions

German clubs started off decently in the Group phase of the Champions League. Dortmund is in a “group of death” (Real Madrid, Man City, Ajax), and opened up with a nail-biting win over Ajax. The Borussen started brightly, but Ajax began to assert control in the 1st half. GK Roman Weidenfeller was quite busy preventing a deficit. It took a few world class saves to salvage a lucky half-time draw. In the 2nd half, the Neons were a lot better, and seized control of the match. They pressed hard and looked ready to take the lead. A huge chance was wasted as Matts Hummels missed a penalty in the 58th minute. Dortmund remained in control, but it wasn’t until the closing moments that the goal came. Lewandowski controlled the ball in the box and finished with a vicious shot, giving Dortmund a deserved, if hard fought, victory.

Schalke (in with Montpellier, Olympiakos and Arsenal) had a good start with a 2-1 away win in Piraeus. Overall, this was a good Blues victory. Both teams had some good chances that they wasted, but perhaps Schalke was a little more focused in finishing. Schalke also missed a penalty in this one.

Bayern faces off against Valencia tomorrow.

Borussia Dortmund    - 	  Ajax Amsterdam    1:0 (0:0)     65,829

                    1:0  Lewandowski (87., Piszczek)

Olympiakos Piräus    - 	  FC Schalke 04	    1:2 (0:1)    30,922
                    0:1  Höwedes (41., Farfan)
                    1:1  Abdoun (58., Djebbour)
                    1:2  Huntelaar (59., Holtby)


4 thoughts on “Europa: Champions

  1. City failed against Bayern and Napoli, last season. And twice threw away their lead, last night. They are quite defeatable. Let’s see if Kloppo can deliver the confidence and mentality of European glory to Dortmund.

    It would be interesting to imagine if Huub Stevens ever tries Farfan as striker/center-forward.

    • I think you’re right. City already looks messy in the EPL as well. I would give them credit for withstanding heavy Real Madrid pressure, but that Cristiano Whine-all-day goal was somewhat of a howler. Dortmund however still has something to prove in Europe as well.

      Why would Stevens play Farfan as center when he has Huntelaar? Farfan has always been superb for Schalke on the wing, I can’t see Stevens changing that even if Huntelaar was out…

  2. Bitte.
    In such a tough group, BVB should have a nothing-to-lose mentality + full-throttle strategy and leave the pride-of-Germany-in-Europe role to Bayern. Also, Reus is yet to be utilized to his best (as in Gladbach) by Kloppo. While Gotze should have a less burdening/nervy mindset since he is still young and budding player. And, Piszczek could serve as right-midfielder against Madrid/City.
    There is another question: Does 4-2-3-1 suit the current BVB squad better or 4-3-3?

    Farfan has indeed played great at right wing but it is the either the 10 or center-forward position where he won titles with PSV Eindhoven back in his rising days.

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