WSV sucks!

An absolutely desolate, disgraceful performance as 3rd place Wuppertal crash 0-4 at SC Wiedenbrück.
Maybe I’ll write about it, but I’m too pissed off…


2 thoughts on “WSV sucks!

  1. Hopefully your are not too pissed off to answer a quick question I have regarding the Regionalliga West!

    What do you make of Viktoria Köln’s sudden rise up the ladder? (Is also nice to see Fortuna doing well) Is there a possibility of there being a Köln Derby in the 3. Liga next season?!

  2. How ’bout a Köln trifecta? Ah, too bad, only one club from the Regionalliga gets promoted…Actually, Ithink 1.FC Köln has finally figured things out, so they won’t be going down. Viktoria is a bit of a surprise, since they’ve traditionally been the nobodies in Köln football. But I gather they have some sponsorship money, which is one reason they’ve been so strong recently. Fortuna is the original Hoffenheim, having a rich benefactor who kept them going forward even when nobody wanted to see them. It is good to see that they didn’t completely collapse and seem on the way back.

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