WSV: Top battle

OK, so midweek WSV had a disgraceful performance against a crap team and got owned.
I was thinking, this would have been a good time if the DFB had changed it to the ancient Aztec game of ollama, which was basically like soccer, except you had to kick the ball through a ring high up on a wall. Sounds lame, but it had one redeeming quality – the losing team was usually put to death. Such was my state of mind, and obviously most WSV fans, as less than 2,500 showed up for the top of table clash with Viktoria Köln…

I guess that’s too bad, because it turned out to be quite a fine match, worthy of a top clash. WSV was still half asleep when Viktoria gave them the rude awakening, when Müller caught Semmler on the wrong foot. However, WSV was only momentarily stunned, and started to assert control of the game. Viktoria was dangerous on the counterattacks, but was continually pushed back. In the 2nd half, the pressure continued, and WSV got more dominant. A long blast from Boztepe was knocked down, but Flessers put home the rebound for the long deserved equalizer after 60 minutes. Now WSV took complete control and pressed for the win. But as usual with Wuppertal, they then ruined everything and did something stupid, As Schleiter headed the ball in his own net after a lame cross. It looked like a deflating loss, but in the injury extension, WSV marksmann Christian Knappmann headed in from a corner to at least save WSV’s ass. It was his 8th, and he leads the Regionalliga once again.

Overall a fine game, especially by WSV. But Wuppertal lacks the killer instinct, as they should have won this one. Viktoria remains in 1st, WSV in 4th, 3 points down.

Wuppertaler SV     - 	FC Viktoria Köln    2:2 (0:1)
  	          0:1 D. Müller (7.) 
                  1:1 Fleßers (60.) 	 
  	          1:2 Schlieter (88., own goal) 
                  2:2 Knappmann (90. + 1) 

Attendance: 2,471 (Stadion Am Zoo, Wuppertal)

Semmler - 
Neppe, Schlieter , Wiwerink , Moosmayer - 
Reichert, Fleßers     - 
Landers, Boztepe, Quotschalla - 


El Hammouchi (68., Neppe)
Meier (78., Reichert)
Wassinger (81., Boztepe)

Trainer: Bruns

Viktoria Köln:
Poremba - 
Cozza, Propheter, Kukielka, Eichmeier    - 
Schultens, Voigt    - 
Schlösser, Wunderlich, D. Müller        - 


Glowacz (25., Eichmeier)
Candan (67., Schlösser)
Federico (78., D. Müller)

Trainer: Scholz

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