Euro play…disaster for Bayern

Midweek European play saw some uneven results for the Bundesliga. On the positive side, the German clubs looked superior and outplayed their opponents. The negative is that they don’t have much to show for it.

The shocker was Bayern M√ľnchen’s stunning loss against BATE Borisov. The match was played in the Belorussian capital Minsk. Bayern was generally the controlling team, but was stumbling and laid bare by the counterattacks. Bayern wasted a ton of chances, but the Belarussians didn’t miss theirs…This has to be one of Bayern’s most disgraceful defeats in European play.

Borussia Dortmund largely outplayed host Manchester City, but ended 1-1, largely due to the superb form of City GK Joe Hart. Still, Dortmund at least gets a decent result, altough they should have gotten all the points. City is way overrated from what they’ve shown in Europe.

Schalke dominated against Montpellier, but gave up a last second goal and drew 2-2. The Blues should be shooting themselves for not winning this, and to top off the crap news, Julian Draxler apparently broke his arm.

3 thoughts on “Euro play…disaster for Bayern

  1. Once again, Dortmund being wasteful. Goetze, in particular, needs at least 5 first-class chances to score one goal. (Reus, by contrast, is a cold-blooded scorer.)

    You have got to assume that Real will go through, so this game was against the direct competitor. Furthermore, although City do indeed seem overrated, they still might get more points than Dortmund from the remaining games, which means that Dortmund will probably have to win at home against them, and I’m not at all sure that they will. A great opportunity wasted.

    The best thing about this game was to showcase to the EPL crowd what a great team this is. Unfortunately, this will probably also attract massive poaching attempts in the following transfer windows…

    • Really?! I would think that Schalke offers plenty of “opportunities”, hehehehe. I’ve been a Schalke follower for decades. But I suppose nothing will be worse than the match that Schalke wasn’t even playing: 2001 in Hamburg-Bayern…you know what I’m talking about!

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