WSV: another escape

Another crappy result for WSV, this time at Duisburg’s B squad. Things started off horribly, as Tom Moosmayer’s “hospital pass” allowed Kastrato a freebie. WSV was still in shock and they were down 2-0. They did start the comeback, but despite dominating, were always in chaos on Duisburg counterattacks. It looked grim and another disgraceful defeat after the Zebras were again up two in an hour. But luckily Wuppertal stormed back, and once again, a late header by Christian Knappmann saved a point. Disappointing, because we needed the win, but I guess this one is a point saved.

So WSV slumps to 5th, 6 points behind leaders Viktoria Köln. Ironically, WSV’s next match is a firendly against…MSV Duisburg’s 2.Liga squad…

MSV Duisburg II	   -   Wuppertaler SV   3:3 (2:1)

1:0 Kastrati (4.) 	  
2:0 Taskin (10.) 	  
2:1 Landers (19.) 
3:1 Reinert (64.) 	 
3:2 Quotschalla (66.) 
3:3 Knappmann (80.) 

Attendance: 567,  Westender Strasse (Duisburg)

Mar. Lenz - 
Reinert, M'Bengue, Hennen, Abdulla    - 
T. Öztürk, Taskin     - 
Mandiangu, Kunt, Jevtic     - 
Gjasula (71., Abdulla)
Somuah (77., Kastrati)
Kalski (81., Mandiangu)	      
Trainer: Wölpper

Semmler    - 
Neppe, Schlieter, Wiwerink, Moosmayer - 
Landers, Reichert, Fleßers, Boztepe - 
Quotschalla, Knappmann       
Herzenbruch (46., Reichert)
Wassinger (67., Quotschalla)
Meier (67., Fleßers)	
Trainer: Bruns

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