Magath raus!

Well, we were all waiting, and it happened: Felix Magath is out as boss of VfL Wolfsburg. Not too surprising, as the VWs are off to their worst start ever. A special board meeting was convened Thursday, and Magath’s position was basically untenable. Magath had led Wolfsburg to a historic title a couple of years ago, and then abandoned them for Schalke. His successors Armin Veh and Steve McClaren didn’t do too well, but at least it wasn’t as crap as Magath on his return. The tin-pot dictator apparently lost his marbles, as he spent zillions of euros on mostly wasted players. I believe he signed around 26 players in his short reign, 15 of which have either already been dumped or rot on the bench or reserves. Plus he’s managed to antagonize all the other players. Since it can’t possibly get any worse, dumping Magath is probably a good move.

The coach of the VW amateurs, Lorenz-Günther Köstner, will take over as interim coach. He’s done it before, in 2010 when Veh got fired, he stepped in and got a respectable 8 wins, 2 draws out of 15 matches.

Haven’t seen any speculation on who the permanent successor will be. I suspect other clubs in the relegation battle hope it’s someone like Michael Skibbe, so the Wolfies go down…

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