3.Liga news: We’re broke and you crazy!

Two stories I just have to get out, one I’ve already touched on, and another seems like a joke….

Things are really heating up for Alemannia Aachen. Local newspaper “Aachener Nachrichten” is reporting that the club must come up with 2 million euros by Wednesday, or they’ll have to declare bankruptcy. Supposedly there is a 3 million euro hole in the budget that needs to be covered. The fans are blaming current management, yelling “Vorstand raus!” (“Board out!”) during the Wehen match.

The president, Meino Heyen, says he can’t explain the situation, but essentially is blaming the business manager, Frithjof Kraemer. Heyen says he’s booting Kraemer out of the club, but it really seems like he should be booting himself as well. However he does claim that he has reached agreements with sponsors to raise the necessary funds. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough….

Now for the crazy… It’s actually a sad story, but it’s kind of funny. Savio Nsereko, once a promising youngster, has ended up in jail in Thailand….

OK, here’s the story. Nserenko immigrated with his parents from Uganda when he was a young boy. The started playing in the youth ranks of 1860 München, eventually becoming a German citizen and getting chosen for the U19 squad – who won the 2008 European U19 title in the Czech Republic. Nsereko was outstanding and was named player of the tournament. He was already playing in Italy with Brescia Calcio, and his performance earned him an 8.5 million euro transfer to West Ham United. So far so good. But then things started to go wrong. He couldn’t break into the lineup with the Hammers (not a good sign), and apparently got involved in various “escapades” that made the London side to want to dump his ass. So off he went, first to Fiorentina, then Bologna, 1860, Burgas, Juve Stabia, Vaslui and then finally SpVgg Unterhaching.

Haching offered him a chance to get his act together and reestablish himself as a pro.  This proved also to be too difficult. So on October 14 he left the club without notice and went on vacation to Thailand. The club then terminated his contract. Club manager Manfred Schwabl (an ex-1860 great) was saddened by the whole affair, because they felt that Nsereko seemed to be on the right track…not to mention a major talent.

In Thailand, he set up shop in the resort town of Pattaya, and apparently burned through 25,000 euros. Now being out of funds, he cooked up a scheme to get “kidnapped” and ransom himself to his family for 3,000 euros (WTF?! I’m not making this up). His family was obviously worried and contacted the German embassy, who contacted the Thai police, who promptly arrested him and tossed his ass in jail.

Hopefully this will get sorted out, but this guy either has mental problems or is dumb as a doornail. Maybe he could join Wuppertaler SV, since the 3.Liga was apparently too stressful for him…


3 thoughts on “3.Liga news: We’re broke and you crazy!

  1. Very sad about Savio. It was hoped here in Haching that he might be able to begin a return to form. Back with family in Munich, on a young club with no pressure to produce immediate results. He made only one late appearance in a 3.liga game, but in training and non-league games you could see the talent was still there. I fully expected him to begin making regular appearances for the 1st team in the second round of 3.liga play.

    If he was unable to handle the low-pressure environment here in Unterhaching, it’s hard to see how he’ll ever play meaningful soccer again. I believe he’s still under contract with AC Florenz until 2014, though perhaps with his arrest they’ll be able to cut him loose like Bayern did with Breno..

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