WSV: finally decent

WSV got back on track in a somewhat fortunate win in a matchup of two ex-Bundesliga squads. Oberhausen was by no means the worse team, so Wuppertal can thank the heavens that they keep all the points. Some ex-WSV men, Ken Asaeda, Peter Nettekoven and Mike Terranova showed up in RWO colors…

Thinsg started out brightly enough, with Robert Flessers taking a ball in midfield, advancing and then blasting a long ball into the net. However RWO began to dominate and it took saves by Semmler to keep the lead. When the equalizer finally came, it was well deserved. The match was a bit more equal, but the guests still had the better chances. So a draw at half-time favored WSV..
In the second half, Wuppertal looked a bit better. It almost started with a bang, but a brilliant save 11 seconds into the half from Semmler off Sindi saved WSV’s ass. Then a few minutes later, the usual counterattack, Landers crosses, there’s Knappmann…ball int he net. Oberhausen reacted with furious attacks, hitting the post. But again fortune was with WSV. A freekick from about 40 meters was floated in by Landers. The Oberhausen keeper (the ex-WSV man) seemingly misjudged it as a cross and it flew over his head for a goal. This proved to be the decider. Oberhausen continued to attack, but in desperation. This opened up several opportunities for WSV, which they managed to disgracefully blow. But in the end it was a Wuppertal victory, desperately needed after the many crap results.

With the win, WSV remains 7th with 25 points in the Regionalliga West after 15 matches, 7 points off the pace of leaders FC Viktoria Köln. Oberhausen remains 10th with 19 points.

Wuppertaler SV 	 - 	Rot-Weiß Oberhausen	 3:1 (1:1)

1:0 Fleßers (4.) 	 
1:1 Sindi (29.) 
2:1 Knappmann (48.) 	  
3:1 Landers (56.) 

Attendance: 1,441 Stadion-Am-Zoo (Wuppertal)

Semmler - 
Neppe, Haas, Reichert, Herzenbruch - 
Fleßers, Abel, Moosmayer       - 
Landers, Knappmann, Cornelius  
Boztepe (32., Abel)
Wassinger (73., Cornelius)
Meier (77., Moosmayer)	  
Trainer: Bruns

Nettekoven - 
Tyler, Hötte, Nowak, Sturm - 
Sindi, Grumann, Asaeda, R. Schneider - 
Talarski, Mützel
Terranova (79., Sindi)	 
Trainer: Kunkel

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