More finances

More financial numbers keep rolling in. (Sorry, I always find this interesting…) Werder Bremen’s soccer division suffered it’s first loss in about seven years. They apparently lost about 14 million euros in the past campaign. Earnings were down 24 million, coming in at a little over 95 million euros. Of course finishing 13th certainly didn’t help, as they didn’t qualify for Europe. (In 2010/11 they participated in the Champions League, and made a nice profit of 8.5 million). The club says that they have no problem covering the deficit. Werder is not fooling around though, and they’ve already taken actions that should improve the finances, regardless of how things turn out this season. In the offseason they dumped high wage players like Wiese, Naldo, Marin and Pizarro, (some some outrageous money from Chelski for Marin, as usual the EPL clubs have no concept of value) so the player salaries should be less of an impact. In another move, former player Marco Bode (379 matches for Werder and 40 caps for Germany) has joined the board…

Fortuna Düsseldorf also announced results: their first profit in 16 years! It was a modest 800,000 euros, but the promotion to the Bundesliga should swell the coffers.  And being in the wildnerness all those years certainly made the positive numbers nice to announce. They were also able to reduce some debt down to 4 million, so they would appear to be in good shape. But not too good. The club announced that they’re suing one of their fans for 50,000 euros. In the playoffs against Hertha, after the match this fan ran onto the field and dug on the penalty spot as a souvenir. Originally the club was going to let it go, but apparently they got pissed when this guy got lot’s of media coverage. Seems a bit petty, but since Fortuna will probably get relegated and back to collecting peanuts, I guess they figure on needing the money…

BTW, in case you missed it, Alemannia Aachen came up with some dough last week and avoided insolvency.

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