DFB-Cup 3rd round

No real shocking results in the 3rd round of the DFB Cup, the so-called Achtelfinale (“the eigth finals”). Actually, I suppose that Offenbach dumping out Düsseldorf would qualify, especially since the Kickers have been shite recently, and Fortuna seems to have recovered their way in the Bundesliga.

Defending Cup holder Dortmund totally dominated and kicked Hannover’s ass. Stuttgart only went through the motions, but had an easy time since Köln was crap.

Wolfsburg was a bit more interested than Leverkusen, so they ended up the winner.

Bochum has shown some signs of life recently, but they had an easy time with their 2.Liga rival 1860. The guests were on the backfoot when Vallori got his ass tossed early, and the Bochumers ran over them.

Augsburg put in an admirable performance against Bayern, but they still lost. Fact is, they’re not good enough to take points off the Bundesliga leaders, let alone knock them off in the Cup.

However there was one underdog that was successful. Offenbach was playing over their head, and since Düsseldorf was sucking, the Kickers got a memorable win in front of a packed house. Since their 3.Liga campaign is basically in the toilet, perhaps Cup glory is the way to make it a memorable season.

Schalke actually dominated against Mainz, but given the chaos they’re in, no surprise they lost. Mainz was clever and patient, Schalke attacked furiously but wasted chances. Then the guests kicked them in the balls and ran away with the win.

Freiburg almost ended up with egg on their faces. The in-form Bundesligist jumped to a quick start, but then tried to coast. Instead, 3.Liga KSC attacked and pressed them back, and were perhaps unlucky not to equalize.

For the quarter-finals, the draw has a Knaller: Bayern will host Dortmund. All eyes will be on this one. The other interesting match is of course Offenbach, who will host Wolfsburg. Tough, but the VWs are all over the place, so a stunning upset is not impossible. Stuttgart hosts Bochum in a likely snoozer, and two in form Bundesliga sides in Mainz hosting Freiburg (although likely no one really cares).

Borussia Dortmund   - 	 Hannover (Mi.) 	5:1 (3:0)   77,655

                   1:0  M. Götze (3., Großkreutz)
                   2:0  Blaszczykowski (18., Reus)
                   3:0  M. Götze (40.)
                   3:1  M. Diouf (79., Huszti)
                   4:1  M. Götze (84., Lewandowski)
                   5:1  Lewandowski (90., Bittencourt)

VfB Stuttgart 	    - 	 1.FC Köln 	        2:1 (2:0)   27,500

                   1:0  Gentner (31., Traoré)
                   2:0  Ibisevic (35., penalty
                   2:1  Clemens (80., Royer)

VfL Wolfsburg 	    - 	 Bayer Leverkusen 	2:1 (0:1)   10,781

                   0:1  Fagner (31., pwn goal, Boenisch)
                   1:1  Träsch (78., Olic)
                   2:1  Dost (90.)

VfL Bochum 	    - 	 1860 München 	        3:0 (1:0)   20,206

                   1:0  Dedic (30., Goretzka)
                   2:0  Maltritz (75., Sinkiewicz)
                   3:0  Maltritz (78., Goretzka)

FC Augsburg 	    - 	 FC Bayern München	0:2 (0:1)   30,660 *

                   0:1  Gomez (26., Ribery)
                   0:2  Shaqiri (85., T. Müller)

Kickers Offenbach   - 	 Fortuna Düsseldorf 	2:0 (0:0)   18,400 *

                   1:0  Fetsch (76., Hahn)
                   2:0  Vogler (85., Feldhahn)

Schalke 04	    - 	 FSV Mainz 05 	        1:2 (0:1)   54,202

                   0:1  M. Caligiuri (30., Szalai)
                   1:1  Huntelaar (75., Marica)
                   1:2  N. Müller (83., Kirchhoff)

Karlsruher SC 	    - 	 SC Freiburg 	        0:1 (0:1)   28,200 *

                   0:1  Schmid (2., Rosenthal)

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