2.Liga: Midseason report card

1 Eintracht Braunschweig (19 13 5 1 35:15 +20 44)
I didn’t really expect Braunschweig to be doing this well, but they’ve been consistently good all season so far. A return to the Bundesliga after 28 years seems certain, so how could it not be top marks? Strong defense and the Kumbela/Kruppke kombo has been very effective.

2 Hertha BSC Berlin (A) (19 12 6 1 36:15 +21 42)
Hertha was obviously a favorite for immediate promotion, and after a somewhat shaky start, they figured out the 2.Liga and began marching forward.

3 1. FC Kaiserslautern (A) (19 8 8 3 29:21 +8 32)
Lautern was a co-favorite, and of the relegated teams, they seemed to be best prepared. Indeed, they were unbeaten for the longest time. However, there was something suspect, and they collapsed just before the winterbreak. They are still in the driver seat – but only for 3rd place.

4 Energie Cottbus (19 8 5 6 26:23 +3 29)
Cottbus is up and down, in good years they are a dark horse for promotion. This has been a good year so far.

5 VfR Aalen (N) (19 8 4 7 20:16 +4 28)
Nobody expected anything from the promoted side, but they’ve been a tough opponent and have done quite well.

6 1860 München (19 6 9 4 21:15 +4 27)
More of the same crap from 1860. They should be a massive club, but they suck when it counts. They’ve got a decent squad on paper, but they lack guts. Perhaps they are what Hans und Franz would call girlie men. I think most of Germany would like to see them back in the Bundesliga, but it doesn’t seem likely this year either.

7 1. FC Union Berlin (19 7 6 7 30:27 +3 27)
Union has turned things around after a somewhat shaky spell and are a tough opponent.

8 FSV Frankfurt (19 8 3 8 27:24 +3 27)
FSV is basically a mini-club with few resources. They’ve been a tough adversary throughout the season and have done well with what they have. The fact that they’re not anywhere near the relegation zone merits a good grade.

9 FC Ingolstadt 04 (19 6 8 5 22:21 +1 26)
Ingolstadt can be very tough to beat, but they also don’t win easily. A solid mid-table club doing what you’d expect.

10 1. FC Köln (A) (19 6 8 5 22:21 +1 26)
Köln was really stinking things up, but they at least appear to have stabilized the ship.

11 Erzgebirge Aue (19 6 5 8 27:28 -1 23)
Aue was expected to struggle, and they’ve met expectations :). But they’ve also shown some force when they’ve needed it.

12 SC Paderborn 07 (19 6 5 8 23:24 -1 23)
Paderborn has slowly been sinking, and are probably surprised to be this low.

13 FC St. Pauli (19 5 7 7 18:22 -4 22)
They expected to contend, and they’re struggling. They’ve got some good experienced players, but they’re not delivering.

14 MSV Duisburg (19 6 3 10 20:32 -12 21)
If not for a turnaround in the last couple of matches, they would merit an “F”. Obviously the season can’t be saved, but if the Zebras follow up with their decent form and avoid financial collapse, perhaps they can salvage a passing grade.

15 VfL Bochum (19 5 5 9 24:33 -9 20)
They suck. They expected to contend. But they’ve sucked. I’m not sure what their excuse is, since Bochum doesn’t seem to have the same financial meltdown problems that Duisburg contends with.

16 Dynamo Dresden (19 3 7 9 19:29 -10 16)
Not sure where or when the wheels fell off, but Dynamo has been struggling and dropping points despite some strong performances.

17 SV Sandhausen (N) (19 3 6 10 20:39 -19 15)
I think everyone expected Sandhausen to struggle, and they haven’t disappointed :) But they’ve had a couple of memorable matches to take with them when they fall back into obscurity.

18 Jahn Regensburg (N) (19 3 4 12 22:34 -12 13)
Jahn only snuck in through promotion playoffs. They have few resources or fans, so it’s not surprising they’re at the bottom. It would be a stretch to survive.

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