Midfielder Ratings

Whereas the goalkeeper and defender ratings seemed rather conservative, “kicker” choices in midfield seem a bit extravagent. There is no question that Mario Götze is a rising superstar, but it’s premature to put him among the best 2-3 players in the world. He’s been great in the Bundesliga and now in Europe, but at only 20, he hasn’t made an impact in the national squad yet. Having Toni Kroos in the international class seems too high as well, and although Alex Meier is finally getting some deserved recognition, I wouldn’t say he’s international class either.

As far as wingers, Franck Ribery probably is World Class. It’s hard to think of someone better. He’s the top graded player player in the Bundesliga (which is almost always a GK, so that alone is pretty impressive), and he’s a major impact on the French national squad. It might be a bit generous putting the others in international class, but they might be borderline, especially Thomas Müller.

On the defensive side, while Schweinsteiger is a given (at least when he’s not injured), the inclusion of Rode and Schwegler is ridiculous. No one has even heard of these guys, and while they’ve been brilliant with Frankfurt, they’ve got a way to go to establish themselves. On the other hand, Javi Martinez, who might qualify, is marked down – rightly so – due to injury and his late transfer.


World Class

   1. Mario Götze           (Borussia Dortmund)

International Class

   2. Toni Kroos            (Bayern München)
   3. Alexander Meier       (Eintracht Frankfurt)

In  wider circle

   4. Aaron Hunt            (Werder Bremen)
   5. Diego                 (VfL Wolfsburg)
   6. Andreas Ivanschitz    (FSV Mainz)
   7. Kevin de Bruyne       (Werder Bremen)


World Class

   1. Franck Ribery             (Bayern München)

International Class

   2. Thomas Müller             (Bayern München)
   3. Marco Reus                (Borussia Dortmund)
   4. Jakub Blaszczykowski      (Borussia Dortmund)
   5. Gonzalo Castro            (Bayer Leverkusen)
   6. Juan Arango               (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
   7. Szabolcs Huszti           (Hannover 96)

In wider circle

   8. André Schürrle            (Bayer Leverkusen)
   9. Takashi Inui              (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  10. Jefferson Farfan          (Schalke) 
  11. Marko Arnautovic          (Werder Bremen)
  12. Stefan Aigner             (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  13. Julian Draxler            (Schalke 04)


World Class

International class:

   1. Bastian Schweinsteiger     (Bayern München) 
   2. Sebastian Rode             (Eintracht Frankfurt)
   3. Pirmin Schwegler           (Eintracht Frankfurt)

In wider circle:

   4. Ilkay Gündogan             (Borussia Dortmund)
   5. Sebastian Kehl             (Borussia Dortmund)
   6. Stefan Reinartz            (Bayer Leverkusen)
   7. Lars Bender                (Bayer Leverkusen)
   8. Javi Martinez              (Bayern München)
   9. Julian Baumgartlinger      (FSV Mainz 05)
  10. Zlatko Junuzovic           (Werder Bremen)
  11. Simon Rolfes               (Bayer Leverkusen)
  12. Jermaine Jones             (Schalke 04)
  13. Cedrick Makiadi            (SC Freiburg)
  14. Roman Neustädter           (Schalke 04)
  15. Elkin Soto                 (FSV Mainz 05)
  16. Julian Schuster            (SC Freiburg)

7 thoughts on “Midfielder Ratings

  1. No Arjen Robben? I know he’s been injured, but when he’s on he’s really on. I love watching him hold it up on the wing, sprint down the line, cut back in, evade one or two defenders and fire one in from about 20m out. You know he’s going to do it, and yet he still pulls it off. Amazing to watch when in full flight.

    • Yeah, Robben is good when he’s on. But he’s only played in five matches so far and been largely ho-hum, so it’s consistent that he wouldn’t be rated. (You’ll note that Gomez didn’t make the striker list either) My feeling is that Bayern would not be averse to dumping him if they could find a taker.

    • Yep, Mario’s dad was probably a kicker journalist :). No doubt his form has been very good, but he’s “International class” at best right now. Once he establishes himself, perhaps World Class is attainable….

      • Oh, I agree, they must have based it on the Ajax away game only, although he has shown the ability of being world class. But I was actually talking about you having him play for Bayern…

        • hehehe, that was actually an Abseits exclusive: Götze to Bayern!!
          Actually, it wouldn’t be that exclusive, as that’s where almost all talented German players end up sooner or later…

          • Not this time, John! Dortmund is now retaining its top players. Kagawa (after two years and three titles…) was replaced with an equivalent or better (Reus), who actually rejected Bayern in the process (promptly drawing some snark from Uli H.) Most key players have renewed long-term, the one exception Lewandowski may be replaced with Dzeko, apparently willing to renounce the moneybags for this team. Then, “lost” players now return, as with Sahin.

            Bayern no longer gets whomever they desire either: Leverkusen preferred to sell Vidal to Juventus, proving that they regard themselves as rivals and not a farm team.

            The tide has changed, I’d like to hope. May the soccer gods keep this man, Juergen Klopp, healthy and inspired!

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