Germans abroad ratings

For Germans “abroad”, the ratings seem quite reasonable. Miro Klose has continued to produce for the national team and is one of the best forwards in Serie A. Podolski seems to be getting by on reputation, but still has a decent strike rate internationally, and would have better numbers if Arsenal had better striking options that could tap passes into the net. Khedira had a great Euro2012 and is a fixture at Madrid, and Özil is usually world class one game, then sucks another. But generally he’s pretty good.

Notice that Per Mertesacker has fallen off the planet, although at least he’s recovering somewhat from his disastrous first season at Arse. Huth is basically a thug, so he’s with the right club. Probably rated too high. Kevin Kuranyi needs to move back to the Bundesliga, but I can’t see him moving much higher.

World Class


International Class:


     Miroslav Klose       (Lazio Rom)
     Lukas Podolski       (FC Arsenal)
   Offensive Midfield

     Mesut Özil           (Real Madrid)
   Defensive Midfield

     Sami Khedira         (Real Madrid)

In wider circle:

   Outside defender
      Patrick Ebert       (Real Valladolid)
      Roberto Hilbert     (Besiktas Istanbul)
   Inside defender

      Robert Huth         (Stoke City)


      Kevin Kuranyi       (Dynamo Moscow)

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