Guardiola to Bayern!

In a somewhat surprise move, Pep Guardiola has decided that when he comes out of his sabbatical, he’ll join Bayern München. Certainly the press has been mostly speculating that he’d end up in the EPL or Italy, but that’s because they’re all EPL fan boys. Guardiola apparently has signed on through 2016.

Jupp Heynckes had announced that he was retiring at the end of this season, so Bayern was definitely going to need someone new. But most of the other clubs in the running (with the exception of Ferguson at Man Utd) would have undoubtedly kicked their incumbent in the ass out the door if the Spaniard had indicated he wanted to join.

This is certainly somewhat of a coup for the Bundesliga, since they don’t get the respect they deserve. But perhaps Bayern is closest to Barcelona in philosophy, plus the added advantage that they don’t have a bunch of nut cases running the club. Bayern used to be known as “FC Hollywood” for all the mostly off-field drama, but those prima donnas are now largely gone. It would be nice to think that Guardiola looked at some of the unmatched aspects of the Bundesliga – reasonable admission prices, packed stadiums for *all* teams and the fan’s sense of ownership in the club – all things lacking in England, Spain, France or Italy.

Where ever he ended up, of course there would be immediate pressure, and Bayern is no exception. He’ll be expected to win everything in sight, but Bayern is truly all business, and perhaps less subject to the lunatic fringes that run some of the other contenders. But unlike some of the other clubs, at least at Bayern you can clearly say that all the pieces are in place to accomplish just that.

One good thing at least for Dortmund fans is that there’s now no chance that Jürgen Klopp leaves BVB for München.

5 thoughts on “Guardiola to Bayern!

  1. It really is a coup for the Bundesliga, and hopefully it will recieve more attention now. It is only ever mentioned in the English press when fans complain about all seater stadiums and ticket prices!

    Guardiola is not a stupid man, going to Man City or Chelsea would have more likely ended with him being sacked the first time something went wrong. Bayern will at least be a bit more patient, and have a superiour infrastructure. He does want to manage in England, but I feel only Man Utd or Arsenal would provide the ‘culture’ he would need to suceed, and both are unlikely to remove their current manageres for him.

    • I agree. Chelski and ManCity are just heaps of money from lunatic owners. At some point they’ll probably get tired and disengage, and the whole structure collapses. Like you say, ManUtd and Arse are the ones that would fit more in his needs, but I don’t think they’re changing out the gaffer soon.

  2. I thought the “s****”-word when I read this. A smart coup nevertheless. Heynckes can help Pep a lot in the starting phase because he knows the Spanish and speaks the language too. The Martinez transfer makes more sense now too. Sammer can focus on the second team and youth departments in future – Bayern performs much below their standards here.
    No doubt about who’s gonne be back at the top of BL for long like during the late 80ies…
    Agree with your comment about Klopp/BVB: at least this is good news. Hard to imagine El Kloppo going anywhere else in BL now. These two clubs might compete about the BL top for years now.
    So, for Schalke and Werder and the rest (Wolfsburg maybe?) there is only #3 to gain left in the coming years, ain’t it?

    • The good thing about Klopp/BVB is that they’re building the foundation to compete with Bayern over the long haul, unlike their earlier effort where they ended up overextending and almost collapsing. To me, Schalke seems like the logical 3rd choice, but they don’t have their act together and still need to recover from their financial over extension. Leverkusen has solid financial backing and seem a lot closer than Wolfsburg. Bremen seems like they’ll always have to punch above their weight, which doesn’t seem sustainable in the long run. The only others that could graduate into a permanent upper class are Hamburg and Stuttgart, but they’re a long way.

      • right. Well, it has been proven many many times that money isn’t everything. You cannot simply buy success – if it were so, the titles would be divided between Bayer 04 and Wolfsburg.
        But Hoffenheim and also Schalke show the opposite.
        There’ll be always surprise teams like Eintracht this year or Gladbach last, and that’s what makes BL more interesting than PL or PD. Although the best players are in Spain.

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