Euro results: Bundesliga advances

For the first time ever, two Bundesliga clubs are in the semi-finals of the Champions League, which will (eventually) be a Germany vs. Spain matchup. Bayern completed their dominance of Juventus by winning 2-0 in Torino, a solid performance all the way around, the Italians lucky they didn’t receive a severe hiding. Borussia Dortmund almost came to rue their wastefulness, as they were losing 1-2 at home to Malaga going into injury time. But they miraculously scored twice to get the win.

Since Real Madrid had an easy time with Galatasaray, and Barcelona suffered but survived against PSG, only La Liga and Bundesliga remain in the competition. So they will face off either in the semis or the finals.

One thought on “Euro results: Bundesliga advances

  1. Thank god there is no German-German or Spanish-Spanish semi final, would’ve been too boring. Especially because BVB and Bayern are gonna meet soon anyway in the Bundesliga. Some Bayern players are in danger to receive their third yellow ticket and might be missed in the away game, especially Lahm and Dante. Wouldn’t trust Boateng or Rafinha that much in Nou Camp…

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