Bayern buys the opposition….Götze to Bayern!!

Mario Götze is apparently transferring to Bayern München. This stunning news is hard to believe, and if it’s true is a horrible indication that the Bundesliga is in danger of becoming irrelevant. Götze signed a long term deal with Dortmund, but apparently their is a fixed transfer amount of 37 million euros that can be invoked in June 2013. (I wonder why Dortmund didn’t insist of something like 60 million…). He will supposedly see his wages go up to 7 million euros from his current 5 million, so I suppose it makes financial sense for him. The 20 year old trails only Frank Ribery among ratings this season and was rumoured to be no.1 on Pep Guardiola’s wish list.

Of course, this is probably bad for the Bundesliga. Dortmund looked like they were building a team that could challenge Bayern over the long haul, but this seems less likely now. The Neons are basically a selling club, despite the important Marco Reus deal this season. Although they’ve lost some key players, like Sahin and Kagawa, they were able to replace them with Gündogan and Reus, but now they are losing the jewel in the crown…not to mention that Lewandowski appears to be leaving as well. Probably won’t be long before Mats Hummels leaves too…

I suppose the only good thing is that at least Götze is staying in the Bundesliga…

15 thoughts on “Bayern buys the opposition….Götze to Bayern!!

  1. this is so enraging. They’re doing it again: weakening their competition. Did it with Werder and Bayer 04 before. I hate Bayern for this. Price for Götze’s ok though.
    What will follow now is a chain reaction: Dortmund will have to check for replacements and weaken other clubs as well.
    Perfect timing from a FCB point-of-view though: irritate Dortmund before the CL semi and distract the media from tax evasion news…

  2. This is the most annoying thing about the Bundesliga, other clubs constantly selling their best players to Bayern. If the guy really wants to leave, sell him somewhere else, but not to Bayern!

    With regards to Gotze, I can’t see how it is a good move for him. Ok, he gets a little more money, but at Dortmund he is an important part of the team, certain to start every game he is fit. Dortmund have also emerged as a championship winning side and now certainties to qualify for the champions league for the next few years.

    Therefore the only reason to go is money, which makes him a bit of a wanker in my book, as in Bayern he is not certain to start, and in the other points Bayern are in the same position as Dortmund. So all he’ll be doing is playing less but getting more money.

    • this suggests a general tactical change for next season(s). He’ll be either a hanging striker behind (probably) Mandzukic or ‘playing’ striker. Bad news for Gomez, although he’s a great striker – but no good scorer. Maybe the team will play with a defensive midfielder less next season. So: more bad news for Luis Gustavo, Tymo (well he’ll go anyway), Kroos even.

      • It will be interesting to see how they fit him in. Someone will have to leave to make way I think. Robben seems likely, but he has spent a lot of time on the bench anyway. I don’t really see Kroos, Muller or Ribery losing their places either.

  3. “Therefore the only reason to go is money.” You can’t be serious. Why wouldn’t a native Bavarian want to play for FC Bayern, a team at the very pinnacle of European soccer? Unless he grew up an 1860 fan.

    “He is not certain to start”? Surely you’re joking.

    • He is barely Bavarian, he was born in Swabia, on the border with Baden-W, and has been at Dortmund since he was 8. He may be a Bayern fan, but it is not as certain as your assumption.

      Of course he is not certain to start! Look who Bayern already have; Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Ribery, Robben. Bayern already have more players than they need, so either Gotze has to rotate with the players already there, Gotze or someone else has to sit on the bench or Bayern sell a couple of players. Either way, someone will be unhappy. (Which may work to everyone elses favour)

    • Bayern have been doing this forever, which is one reason they’re so well-liked among German non-Bayern fans :-)
      Often, you get the feeling Bayern’s main rationale in buying a player is that of weakening the opposition. You could say that’s a legitimate tactic, etc. but it come a week after Uli “Two-Face” Hoeness once again played the role of the thoughtful football patriot/philosopher without getting laughed off the media stage…
      Mind you, that was BEFORE his Swiss accounts became public knowledge.

        • the brokers are a main factor imho. They get a share every time ‘their’ player changes to another club. And Bayern can pay higher wages than any other BL club for sure, their CL participation is nearly guarateed every season. Greed, greed, greed.
          I’ll never understand why people who are rich already still gasp for MORE. Shame.
          But if BVB really sells Lewa too they’ll have a lot money to buy adequate substitutes. Problem is that the current team works together so smoothly, the new guys’ need time to fit in

  4. Goetze is (at best) a dummy and his agent is a snake. Dortmund were dumb to not have set the selling clause higher.
    The best answer to this shameless bit of tactical poaching (and leaking) would be to snatch yet another CL out of Bayern’s eager claws at Wembley…

    • Well, I wouldn’t necessarily agree on the first two propositions :) But a 37 million release seems quite low, isn’t that less than Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll?! . If you’re signing a “once-in-decades-talent”- (and all indications are the Mario Götze qualifies), you usually set some silly number to discourage approaches. But the reality is, if a player wants to go, you might as well cash in.

      • I don’t think it’s likely that he left for the money, so somebody must have turned his head with regard to ‘prospects’, both in club competition and for the national team (Loew said he was “glad”…). At least at the club level, it’s at best questionable that – at this moment in time – Bayern offers him more, esp. once you add the FC Hollywood aspect.
        In light of what Klopp and Co. have built in the last few years, this is a little bit like Messi transferring to Real in 2008: terribly ungrateful and possibly dumb. (Except that Goetze is like Messi without killer instinct, hehe.)

  5. 2014 is world cup year. Germany wants to have their core players in a single club, playing together every week. Much like how most Spain players are from Barcelona.

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