Euro success for Bundesliga

The first leg of the Champions League semi-finals were a milestone of success for the Bundesliga, as both German clubs got off to excellent starts. Bayern München thumped Barcelona 4-0 in a power display, and perhaps even more impressive was Borussia Dortmund doing a number on Real Madrid, 4-1. I think a lot of the world was stunned, since the Bundesliga never seems to gather the respect it really deserves.

Of course, the series are not over, but it’s hard to think that the Bundesliga clubs will not be able to defend their lead in the return leg. I can’t see Bayern giving up 5 goals in any scenario, so they’re through. Of course, that’s the only real threat, that Bayern is too over confident. They’ll probably dick round and likely lose, but it’s hard to see Barcelona being able to mount enough to make up a four goal deficit. Madrid could put three past Dortmund, and coach Jürgen Klopp insisted that it’s not over, and Borussia will come out strong and try to win and not give Madrid any space. The Neons don’t seem like they would try and sit on a lead, so that should make the match interesting.

So there’s a real good chance that it will be Dortmund and Bayern in finals at Wembley. Now wouldn’t it be funny if the game is on the line and it’s Mario Götze who decides it?

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  1. I watched a Russian steam of Dortmund’s first leg against Real. I don’t speak Russian, but even I could tell that the commentator was often talking about things only remotely connected to the game. After the 4-1, he mentioned “Wembley” and something about “Winston Churchill” and I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about :-)

    Meanwhile, it has become reality: the English FA will celebrate its 150th anniversary with an all-German final at Wembley. Prost!

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