All German Champions League Final…

Not unexpected after the first leg, the Champions League will witness it’s first ever all-German final. Borussia Dortmund played a decent match in Madrid, and had several chances to finish off the Spaniards. They wasted them, and Real managed two very late goals to create some nervous moments in injury time. But Borussia advances…

The Camp Nou witnessed a clear changing of teh guard. Barcelona got ripped 0-3 by Bayern in another forceful Bundesliga display. Pretty amazing that Barcelona failed to score even a single goal.

Bayern will be the favorite at Wembley, but the Neons have actually faired very well well in direct matches with bayern over the last few years, so it should be a pretty even match.

In more important news, a massive 3.Liga relegation 6 pointer: Babelsberg and Borussia Dortmund-II played a 1-1 draw that helps neither as much as they would have liked. However each get another point so that a win lifts them out of relegation. (BVB-II still has a makeup game against Erfurt as well).

3 thoughts on “All German Champions League Final…

  1. Great to see the 3. Liga news being mixed up with CL news. It’s all very important stuff that makes up the fabric of Fussball. :-)

    • From my warped perspective, 3.Liga is *more* important than Champions League. Naturally I want to see Bundesliga clubs do well in Europe, but the heart and soul of German football are the leagues, and that’s what I prefer to write about. There will be all sorts of headlines about Wembley, but if it comes down to covering the CL final or the 3.Liga life-and-death struggles, the latter is more dramatic :)

      • The 3. Liga is certainly more genuine. The really good teams in the Champions league consist of the best players money can buy. The really good teams in the lower leagues had to be built by grit and determination.

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