Bayern takes the Cup too

No real suprise, but despite a strong performance from Stuttgart, Bayern München took the DFB-Pokal final as well, ending up with the Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League. I think they ended up with the worthless Liga-Pokal as well. That pretty much wraps up the most dominant season ever for German club football.

The underdogs started off well, but missed some good scoring opportunities. A somewhat dodgy penalty gave Nayern the lead, and then ex-Stuttgarter Mario Gomez put in a double that seemed to turn things to a rout. However VfB stormed back to make things close, but I don;t think anyone expected Bayern to get into too much trouble.

Bayern München	 -   VfB Stuttgart    3:2 (1:0)   75,420 (Berlin)

                1:0  T. Müller (37., penalty, Lahm)
                2:0  Gomez (48., Lahm)
                3:0  Gomez (61., T. Müller)
                3:1  Harnik (71., G. Sakai)
                3:2  Harnik (80.)

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