Deutschland sucks! Gets owned by USA…

Well, perhaps not quite that bad. But once again the DFB squad proved that they have a hard time in hot weather, as they sucked in their friendly against the USA squad, losing 4-3. Of course, unlike previous disgraceful losses, I don’t think that the Germans are too upset, considering this was not anywhere close to a full strength Germany squad. Consider that nobody from Bayern played, which might include the captain Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Neuer, Müller, Gomez, Boateng and the injured Kroos and Badstuber, missing Dortmund players like Hummels, Reus, Gündogan, Götze and perhaps Schmelzer, plus legionaires like Özil and Khedira. So Joggi Löw certainly had a lot of scrubs and nobodies to try out.

For the record, this was Germany's lineup:

ter Stegen - 
L. Bender, Mertesacker, Höwedes, Jansen   - 
S. Bender, Reinartz - 
Schürrle, Draxler, Podolski- 

46. Wollscheid for Mertesacker
46. Aogo for Jansen
46. Westermann for L. Bender
46. M. Kruse for S. Bender
65. Sam Schürrle
79. N. Müller für Klose

Still, it is somewhat disgraceful that even with a weakened lineup you give up four goals to the US,

GK Marc-Andre ter Stegen managed to complete the most ridiculous own goal in German history as he basically miffed a lame backpass and lost it into the net. That probably means he ain’t going to Brazil as the 3rd string keeper. But there was plenty of blame to go around, as almost all the players managed to stink. Westermann and Draxler were at least decent, and Kruse was actually quite good. But everybody else, Oh wey, Au weh!

12 thoughts on “Deutschland sucks! Gets owned by USA…

  1. Considering it was a third string line-up against the US first string, I think it was a good result! Ter Stegen certainly did not help himself, but he is probably number 3 at best at the moment anyway.

    Personally I’m never too bothered about the result in friendlies, and it is nice to see some other players getting a chance outside of the Bayern/Dortmund group.

    • I don’t have a problem with the 3rd string either, but what I do expect is a little more engagement from players trying to break into the squad. On the whole, they looked pretty disorganized. To me the most glaring example is how fast Mertesacker has fallen. He was pretty solid a few years ago, now he seems completely slow and bumbling, usually caught out of position. Seems like he shouldn’t even be called anymore, and they should try somebody new. At least Westermann and perhaps Howedes are serviceable as bench players. As for ter Stegen, aside from his howler – which you have to admit is a classic, I think Neuer will have to come up with something special to match that. He’s quite talented at that, but maybe even another “Neuerism” won’t be good enough :) – I guess he was adequate, as the other goals were well taken. But with Zieler and Leno I would say he just dropped out of contention for 3rd.

      But I agree totally, Germany never worries too much in friendlies, as they shouldn’t.

  2. Embarrassing game from Germany imho. Hardly any intention to win except the last 15 minutes. Defense sucked baad. In fact, Germany has only one solid defense line – contrary to their midfielders (here they have – at least – two top teams in their squad). Podolski destroyed the good impression he made a few days earlier and proved again that he is no player who can push his team for the better. Whilst being “captain”. Ouch.
    Regarding ter Stegen: he played three times for Germany and sucked three times. His team will not play internationally next season, neither will Zieler’s. Weidenfeller is the best German keeper alongside Neuer, next are Adler and then Leno & Trapp. But Herr Löw sticks to his rather unexperienced favourites. See also: Best striker / best scorer last season (=Kiessling). Oh weh.

    • Good point, Weidenfeller has been a top keeper for several seasons, but never gets mentioned in terms of the national team. GK shouldn’t be a problem in the DFB squad, so if ter Stegen disappears, no great loss yet…Kiessling had a great season, and at least deserves a (another) look. It’s nice that Klose still gets a shot now and then for old times sake, but Germany still needs options up front.

  3. The trouble is the records will show that the USA beat Germany – in the future the circumstances will be long forgotten but the blemish will remain.

  4. One big positive I do take however is:

    10 years ago people were complaining that Germany had no strength in depth, there were no new up and coming players and Germany would sink tobecome also rans. Now they have enought that even the third string ca give good sides a good game! :)

    • You’re right on that account. Germany several years ago wasn’t pathetic, but the old horse needed to be put down. Now there is a lot of young talent and it’s about the coach getting his part right. Interestingly enough, one might argue that the DFB insistence on keeping “B” or “II” squads in regular leagues has battle hardened the youngsters against veterans. And most of the “II” teams are really U23 squads with an occasional oldtimer for guidance (or recovering from injury from the top squad). So while 3.Liga/Regionalliga crowds for the B teams are small, the impact is great on the field.

  5. Wouldn’t worry about records or results for friendlies. Australia has beaten Germany, England and Holland in friendlies over the last few years, but when the business is on, they get thumped vis-a-vis South Africa 2010 when Germany pummelled us 4-0. I couldn’t imagine us getting a result against the current Dutch team in a real competetion either. England? Well that’s another story again hehe.

    The bragging will soon stop when they face each other in a real competition. And anyway, do Americans actually know anything about soccer? :-)

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