Show me the money

It’s always interesting to see what the players are making, so here’s some interesting data from Bayern München

Below are the annual salaries of the main squad. It comes to around 133 million euros total, but the budget, which includes bonuses etc is well over 200 million.

Not too many surprises, but I would guess that Toni Kroos will be getting a raise, and perhaps Dante, who has been solid for Bayern, although he isn’t a regular starter for Brazil.

Interesting that Gerd Müller, “der Bomber” earned the equivalent of about 300,000 euros when he was playing for Bayern in the 1970s, about half of what Franz Beckenbauer made. Of course there’s been a bit of inflation since then. Overall in Germany, it probably averaged about 3% a year, so the greatest striker in history would be pulling down around a cool 1 million today. That’s a pretty good indication of players getting a better deal…

Anyway, here’s a list of who’s making what

12,000,000 - Franck Ribery
12,000,000 - Mario Götze
10,000,000 - Philipp Lahm
10,000,000 - Bastian Schweinsteiger
 8,000,000 - Thomas Müller
 8,000,000 - Thiago Alcantara
 7,000,000 - Manuel Neuer
 7,000,000 - Arjen Robben
 7,000,000 - David Alaba
 6,000,000 - Javi Martinez
 6,000,000 - Jerome Boateng
 5,000,000 - Daniel van Buyten
 5,000,000 - Mario Mandzukic
 5,000,000 - Rafinha
 4,500,000 - Toni Kroos
 4,500,000 - Claudio Pizarro
 3,500,000 - Dante
 3,500,000 - Holger Badstuber
 2,500,000 - Xherdan Shaqiri
 2,000,000 - Diego Contento
 1,500,000 - Tom Starke
 1,000,000 - Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg
   500,000 - Mitchell Weiser
   500,000 - Julian Green
   500,000 - Lukas Raeder
   200,000 - Alessandro Schöpf

1 thought on “Show me the money

  1. Underpaid: Dante, Kroos, Madzukic, even Robben, maybe Shaquiri
    Overpaid: definitely van Buyten, probably Boateng. Badstuber is actually fairly compensated, for getting injured and not playing, that is :-)

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