Judge to fans: Be quiet!

Not sure about all the details, but apparently some judge in Gelsenkirchen passed a court order to Oberliga Niederrhein club FC Kray. The Essen club was relegated from the Regionalliga last season, but has recovered well and is challenging for promotion, sitting in 2nd place. However the judge apparently was reacting to some complaint and banned all drums, horns and other loud instruments for Kray’s home match with VfL Rhede – and even banned announcements over the loudspeaker. Kray won the match 3-1, but according to those present, it was quiet like a funeral wake in the stands. The club president was justifiably outraged, stating “This is the death of football!”

Again, I’m not sure about what the original complaint was all about, but it seems totally ridiculous. Hopefully this ruling will get overturned soon enough…

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