BUNDESLIGA, Round 6: Bayern in control

So it took 5-6 games, but it looks like Bayern is back in control of the league. Obviously there’s a lot to play, but since Bayern had not been overly impressive early, maybe some were thinking there’s some possibility for a race. Well, yes, the champs haven’t overly exerted themselves, but really nobody else has stepped up to the plate. Instead, I think we’re already seeing that nobody really is serious about challenging Bayern, so probably they’ll have another title wrapped up by mid-season.

Köln did all sorts of yapping (especially their coach Stöger) about “breaking the knot”, getting a result, and fighting off champions Bayern München. Blah-blah-blah, you sound like one of those annoying Chihuahuas. Shut up and get the job done, then you can yap all you want. Instead Köln was timid and harmless, and Bayern dominated from start to finish. Under Heynckes, they probably would have banged in 6-7 goals and been the rude guest. But under Guardiola, they seem content to put everybody to sleep with tiki-taka and score enough to get a comfortable win. Köln were clearly shown their limits, but that was expected. Staying up will mean grinding points against other clubs.

The big match this round was the Revier-derby, and it was a tense exciting affair. Schalke had started horribly, but just recently got back on track. Dortmund has looked crap, except for a Champions League thrashing of Arsenal. So both teams needed this one, which was theoretically a sell-out, but some sections were closed for “security”. Schalke started brightly and jumped over the Neons, who looked a but chaotic in defense. Dortmund got hold of themselves and got back in. In the 2nd half, they started to press, pushing Schalke back, but the Blues stood firm to hold on. Aside from the obvious bragging rights, this win is critical for Schalke, since it would appear to stabilize their season. Dortmund is in crisis, at least from a medical standpoint, and it threatens to ruin their season. They’re already 7 points back of Bayern, so the title challenge is basically over.

Gladbach showed up at Paderborn and showed the promoted side who’s boss. They dominated the start and quickly decided the match. However then they took their foot off the pedal. That allowed SCP back into the match, and they got back to their hard charging style and pressured MG, and with some luck might have salvaged a point.

No surprises in Mainz, who hosted Hoffenheim in a regional clash. The hosts were without their top scorer Shinji Okazaki, and the Hoppers didn’t seem too interested in pressing the matter, so it was basically a quiet clash and split of the points. Both sides remain unbeaten.

Freiburg and Leverkusen figured to see lots of goals, but nada. The match itself was pretty exciting in the beginning, both clubs aggressively pressing, but then the Aspirins went down early, as Spahic managed to collect a double yellow in half an hour. But the Breisgauer didn’t take advantage – instead surprisingly the guests sezied control and SCF responded only timidly. Leverkusen wasted chances, and then the game petered out – ironically when Freiburg’s Krmas got his ass toss to even the playing field.

Stuttgart needed someone like Hannover. The 96ers showed up ultra defensively, despite VfB’s troubles. the hosts woke up and played hard, controlling the game and eventually getting a big win that might help stabilize their season.

The Norderby between Wolfsburg and Bremen was disappointing: neither side really succeeded in accomplishing what they set out to do. Werder wanted to play defensively – they did achieve that – but they were sloppy. And they were lame going forward. The VWs wanted to attck – they did. But they wasted chances and only ended up winning perhaps because Werder was crappier. Considering that Wolfsburg is doing OK in the table and Werder has yet to win a match and sits in the relegation zone, I’m sure that the VWs feel a lot better.

Hamburg broke the record of not scoring to start the Bundesliga. Basically about 510 minutes, beating the 1979 VfL Bochum squad.
HSV was the better squad, but Frankfurt was luckier. The hosts pressed in the 1st half, but were stunned to fall behind. They fought back and continued to press, and finally scored a goal after 5 2/3 matches. But cruel fate revealed itself and they were undone by a last second goal. Frankfurt has to be happy stealing the points, as they really didn’t play all that well. HSV is left with nothing except energetic performances, which is nice, but not really translating into points. Since Bremen and Freiburg also remain winless, they’re not that far behind, but coach Zinnbauer is going to need some results quickly.

Augsburg had a rather boring win over Hertha Berlin, where neither side showed much initiative. The Fuggers just did enough to win, and Hertha obviously didn’t want to be there. Oddly enough, it was Hertha coach Jos Luhukay who brought up Augsburg and instilled their “fight,fight,fight” mentality, and has attempted to do the same in Berlin. But neither side showed it in this match.

Total attendance 323,571 (avg 35,952), sellouts in Gelsenkirchen, Köln and Paderborn

1. FSV Mainz 05	  -   TSG Hoffenheim	     0:0 (0:0)   28,729

FC Schalke 04	  -   Borussia Dortmund	     2:1 (2:1)   61,000 (*)

                 1:0  Matip (10., Kopfball, Aogo)
                 2:0  Choupo-Moting (23., Linksschuss)
                 2:1  Aubameyang (26., Rechtsschuss, Ramos)

SC Freiburg	  -   Bayer 04 Leverkusen    0:0 (0:0)   23,000

VfB Stuttgart	  -   Hannover 96	     1:0 (0:0)   40,500

                 1:0  Schwaab (69., Gentner)

1. FC Köln	  -   Bayern München	     0:2 (0:1)   50,000 *

                 0:1  M. Götze (19., T. Müller)
                 0:2  D. Halfar (66., own goal, M. Götze)

SC Paderborn 07	  -   Bor. Mönchengladbach   1:2 (0:2)   15,000 *

                 0:1  Herrmann (8., Hrgota)
                 0:2  Raffael (14.)
                 1:2  Wemmer (70., Stoppelkamp)

VfL Wolfsburg	  -   Werder Bremen	     2:1 (1:1)   29,117

                 1:0  Rodriguez (15., De Bruyne)
                 1:1  Busch (37., Bartels)
                 2:1  Olic (57., Vieirinha)

FC Augsburg	  -   Hertha BSC	     1:0 (1:0)   28,582

                 1:0  Verhaegh (27., penalty, Bobadilla)
Hamburger SV	  -   Eintracht Frankfurt    1:2 (0:1)   47,643

                 0:1  Seferovic (44., Chandler)
                 1:1  N. Müller (58., Holtby)
                 1:2  Piazon (90., direct free kick)

 1  Bayern München (M, P) 	6    4 	2  0 	 11:2 	+9 	  14 
 2  Bor. Mönchengladbach 	6    3 	3  0 	  8:3 	+5 	  12 
 3  Bayer 04 Leverkusen 	6    3 	2  1 	 11:9 	+2 	  11
 4  TSG Hoffenheim 	  	6    2 	4  0 	  9:5 	+4 	  10
 5  1. FSV Mainz 05 	  	6    2 	4  0 	  9:5 	+4 	  10 
 6  Hannover 96 	  	6    3 	1  2 	  5:4 	+1 	  10
 7  Eintracht Frankfurt 	6    2 	3  1 	  9:8 	+1 	  9 
 8  FC Augsburg 	  	6    3 	0  3 	  8:8 	 0 	  9 
 9  VfL Wolfsburg 	  	6    2 	2  2 	 10:8 	+2 	  8 
10  FC Schalke 04 	  	6    2 	2  2 	 10:10 	 0 	  8 
11  SC Paderborn 07 (N) 	6    2 	2  2 	  8:8 	 0 	  8 
12  Borussia Dortmund 	  	6    2 	1  3 	  9:11 	-2 	  7 
13  1. FC Köln (N) 	  	6    1 	3  2 	  2:3 	-1 	  6 
14  Hertha BSC Berlin	  	6    1 	2  3 	  8:12 	-4 	  5 
15  VfB Stuttgart 	  	6    1 	2  3 	  4:9 	-5 	  5
16  SC Freiburg 	  	6    0 	4  2 	  6:9 	-3 	  4
17  Werder Bremen 	  	6    0 	3  3 	  9:15 	-6 	  3 
18  Hamburger SV 	  	6    0 	2  4 	  1:8 	-7 	  2

1st line: Champions League
2nd line: Europaliga (+ Cup winner)
3rd line: Playoff with 2.Liga 3rd place
4th line: Relegation to 2.Liga

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