Bayern: Emperor has no clothes?

Bayern München has not had a particularily good recent run. After their brilliant destrction of FC Porto, they’ve really sucked. Struggled to win against Hertha BSC, then knocked out of the DFB-Cup at home by rivals Dortmund, disgracefully not being able to make a single penalty. Then pretty much owned by Leverkusen, albiet with a somewhat “Rumpf-elf”. But that was part of the master plan to face off against Barcelona in the Champions League semis. Well, apparently only Manuel Neuer was with it, as he was brilliant, but Leo Messi and Barcelona were relentless and routed the German giants 3-0. Seems unlikely they can make that up in the return.

A lot of fingers are now beginning to point to Pep Guardiola. Remember that Jupp Heynckes won everything, including the Champions League before being essentially “forced” to retire. Bayern got their man, Guardiola, but hasn’t been able to duplicate Heynckes’ success. Furthermore, he has imposed his boring tikki-taka that often puts people to sleep. Bayern is known to be demanding, so chances are that Pep is out unless he wins everything next year. Maybe they replace him with Jürgen Klopp, hehehe.

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