Blog discontinued….

I’m no longer updating the site or blog…hopefully it was interesting for you…

Maybe I’ll bring it back if Wuppertaler SV gets promoted :)


16 thoughts on “Blog discontinued….

  1. :o(. Thank you so much. It was a great source of info with very interesting review. Before the Bundesliga managed to export well outside of Germany you were a reference for learning about what’s by far my favourite league now.

  2. Thanks for many years of enjoyment. I guess I’ll have to (finally) learn German in order to get the latest 3.Liga news.

    Shaun in Winnipeg, Canada

  3. Perhaps a gift to your boss would allow you to get the time to restart your blog – thanks for the great commentary in the past – now guess I’m stuck with or some other wanker website.

  4. Sad to hear the news. your dry wit will be missed. and ofcourse the most fact based commentary of the german football leagues. Let’s hope the hannovers and the leverkusens will win the league rather than the evil empire….oops Bayern munich, so that you take to blogging once more.
    Niemals Allein…H96
    Sreenath (kochi,India)

  5. Thank you very much John,

    I followed this site for years, and I must say that the list of german clubs and the story of duisburger SC were my favorites. I hope your Wuppertaler SV will rise again. Would be great if some day you decide to continue.
    I am a supporter of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Arsenal and the tremendous Blyth Spartans.
    Anyway, all the best wishes to you, your family and friends from a dedicated fan from Luxembourg.


  6. Was sad to see you have stopped, must have been reading your site for well over 10 years! Was always a super (and funny) source on what was going on in German football. Even though I live in Germany now, I still checked this site!

    Will hope you change your mind and come back soon!

    PS: I find it funny that the English entries on Wikipedia for German clubs all reference this website!

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