WSV: Another disgraceful loss

Wuppertal continues to suck. After a slight improvement after winterbreak, WSV is back to their old shenanigans and are stinking up the Regionalliga. This Sunday was yet another disgraceful outing, losing 0-1 at SC Verl. Was it worse than last week’s turd losing by the same score to last-place Koblenz? Doesn’t seem possible, but obviously WSV was willing to try…

Only 545 fans showed up in Verl’s “Stadion and der Poststrasse”, and they were treated to a rather lame match. Guess they could smell a bad one miles away and most stayed away. Neither side did anything, (except get 4 yellow cards in the initial 5 minutes) and it’s questionable whether the level was even worthy of 4th division. Then after 40 minutes, WSV defender Raschid El-Hammouchi commited an idiotic foul on Verl’s loan striker Matthias Haeder, and David Lauretta put home from the spot.

The second half was even worse, WSV stinking even more, if that were even possible. Verl was pretty crap too, and if their forwards could hit the side of a barn they probably could have banged in a few more.

So WSV drops another spot down to 8th. Well, they’re only 19 points off the pace, so I suppose they could still get promoted, hehehe…


Kampe - 
J. Schmidt , Saur , Bertram , Kaminski    - 
Bömer-Schulte , Brinker - 
Arifi, Lauretta, Großeschallau       - 

L. Schröder (59., Lauretta)
Rasp (84., Arifi)
Martinovic (87., Großeschallau)

Trainer: Bertels


Semmler - 
El Hammouchi, Schlieter, Flottmann, Herzenbruch    - 
Meier , F. Haas    - 
Zieba , Quotschalla, Moosmayer    - 

Landers  (46., Herzenbruch)
van den Bergh (69., El Hammouchi)
Baltes (75., F. Haas)

Trainer: Bruns

1:0 Lauretta (41., penalty)

Yellow cards:
Verl: Kaminski (5.), Großeschallau (3.)
WSV: Quotschalla (1.),	Moosmayer (3.)

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