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Stuttgart GM Fredi Bobic made the news as he accused the Serbian federation of money grubbing. That’s because VfB’s Serbian forward Zdravko Kuzmanovic played some 180 minutes in back-back-back matches for Serbia in a “mini-tournament” against Armenia and Cyprus. The former German star was outraged and stated that he hoped that Serbian media would contact him “so I can cuss them out in their mother tongue”. Bobic, who has half Slovenian and half Croatian moved to Germany when he was a boy.

Schalke has tendered a new contract offer to Spanish legend Raul, certainly one of the most inspirational and popular players in the Schalke squad. However, the 34 year old Spaniard is thought to be toying with the idea of returning to Spain. To be honest, it must be because he doesn’t like the weather or food, because he’s fit in nicely with Schalke and it’s hard to imagine a scenario in La Liga where he would be more successful. Schalke also has to decide whether they can afford to keep Peruvian winger Jefferson Farfan. He’s been one of the best Schalker’s over the past few seasons, but it will cost to keep him.

HSV announced they are letting Croatian forward Mladen Petric go at the end of the season. His contract expires and will not be renewed. Petric has been a trooper, scoring 60 goals in approx 127 matches for Hamburg, but he was looking for a longer term deal. HSV decided they would rather go with youth, so both sides decided to part ways. Keeping with HSV, forward Paolo Guerrero will probably receive a 8 match suspension for his wanker move in the 0-4 to Stuttgart. The Peruvian ran 50 yards and slid in two-footed, studs up into the backside of VfB keeper Sven Ullreich – at the corner flag no less.  HSV management apologized and mumbled only that they feel the punishment should only be 3 matches, because of “similar” cases involving other players. Actually, the DFB was considering a 6 month ban, so the punk is getting off easy. Guerrero did apologize and basically admitted he didn’t know what he was thinking. But then he went on to state “I don’t see what everybody is all excited about, after all, the goalie stood up and was able to play on.”…



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