Euro: Bayer gets reamed

Bayer Leverkusen suffered one of the most disgraceful outings in the history of German football as they were bitch-slapped 1-7 by Barcelona in the Champions League return match. Of course, having lost 1-3 at home, the Aspirins wre all but eliminated, but this gutless performance was certainly one for the ages. No one expected them to win, but at least they could have given a decent account of themselves. Instead, Barca, or more specifically Leonel Messi, did whatever he wanted (and I guess he wanted 5 goals), as the 80,000 in the Nou Camp watched the dismantling of Bayer. Xavi and Iniesta basically got the second half off. Leverkusen’s attempts were so infantil, it reminds one of a bad high school team. The Alka-Seltzers scored in injury time for the “consolation” goal. In fact, it would have been better if they hadn’t scored just to reinforce their suckitude. Coach Robin Dutt should be fired immediately and all the players involved should be horse-whipped.

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