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Once again Wuppertal played their one step forward, one backward dance. This time they kicked VfL Bochum II’s ass 3-0. Lousy attendance was of course the reward for the disgraceful midweek drubbing in Dortmund. They probably wish they hadn’t left the pub to watch a boring match that hardly took any interest until Knappmann managed to squeeze in his 19th of the season. The 2nd half was somewhat better, as WSV came out determined, kicked some ass, scored a couple of goals, and then went back to sleep. Bochum never bothered to show up, they looked like a 16th place team.

But at least it’s a win

Wuppertaler SV - VfL Bochum II 3:0 (1:0)

Attendance: 936 (Stadion-Am-Zoo)


1:0 Knappmann (41.) 	 
2:0 Fleßers (58.) 	 
3:0 Quotschalla (61.) 

Semmler - 
El Hammouchi, Fleßers, Schlieter , Moosmayer    - 
Landers , Zieba , F. Haas , B. Abelski    - 
Quotschalla, Knappmann    

Meier (70., B. Abelski)
Zimmermann (75., Landers)
Herzenbruch  (86., Moosmayer)
Trainer: Bruns

Heuer Fernandes - 
Caspari, Kalina, Wolff, Götze - 
Mengert, Bulut - 
Freiberger, Kefkir, Wassinger    - 

Opiola (45., Kalina)
Stevens(46., Kefkir)
Kyei (61., Wassinger)

Trainer: Metaxas

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