Europa: Bayern advances

No surprises here, as Bayern M√ľnchen easily downed Olympiaue Marseille 2-0 to advance to the semifinals of the Champions League. Having won 2-0 in France, the expectation was for an easy time, and largely that was justified. An early raid down the right side by the unstoppable Franck Ribery was poked in by Ivica Olic, getting a rare start. Olic liked that so much, he did the same thing off a left side cross 20 minutes later. Bayern peppered Marseille’s with dangerous shots, and the Frenchies looked like they might get routed. They had some decent chances of their own early, but once they fell behind they just wanted to get to the airport and leave. Bayern dumpeled around in the 2nd half and ran out the clock. Their next opponent will be a lot tougher: Real Madrid.

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