WSV: Knappmann goes nuts

Back in the “day”, there was a San Francisco rock band called “The Tubes” who had a semi-hit entitled “White Punks on Dope”. I can’t remember much of the song, but for some reason it reminded me of WSV…

Anyway, in K-town, it was going to be a showdown between the Regionalliga’s top gunmen, FCK’s Andrew Wooten and WSV’s Christian Knappmann. It turned out to be a non-starter, as Wooten played for FCK’s Bundesliga squad on Saturday, and therefore was scratched. Knappmann seized the moment with a brilliant second half display of 4 goals, and with 24 reigns supreme over all 4th division in Germany.

WSV came out strong, pressing hard. Especially attacking midfielder Maciej Zieba looked good, one of his better performances. Despite several chances, no scoring in the first half, but things immediately heated up after the restart. FCK drew first blood, as Steven Zellner dribbled through the sleeping WSV defense and knocked home. But WSV didn’t cave in like they usually did, and a nice cross by Tom Moosmayer was headed home by Knappmann. Just a couple minutes later he was fould in the box, and put home the penalty. A few minutes more, a carbon copy of the first: Mossmayer cross, Knappmann header, goal. Finally, to cap off a crazy 10 minutes, this time the cross from Sven Landers, and another Knappmann strike.

A surprisingly decent WSV performance against a half-way decent opponent.

1. FC Kaiserslautern II	 - 	Wuppertaler SV	 2:4 (0:0)

Attendance: 320 (Fritz-Walter-Stadion)

1:0 Zellner (59.) 	  
1:1 Knappmann (63.) 
1:2 Knappmann (65., penalty) 
1:3 Knappmann (71.) 
1:4 Knappmann (74.) 
2:4 Freyer (88.) 


Keilmann - 
Becker    , Orban , Modica    , Heintz    - 
Lindner , Linsmayer - 
Saiti , Zellner     , Himmel - 

Rizzuto (46., Heintz)
Grammel (73., Becker)
Lensch  (76., Rizzuto)
Trainer: Schwartz


Klafflsberger - 
El Hammouchi , Flottmann , F. Haas , Herzenbruch - 
Landers    , Fle├čers , Moosmayer , Baltes       - 
Zieba - 

Meier (81., Baltes)
Zimmermann (86., Landers)
Trainer: Bruns

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