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1. FC Köln fired head coach Ståle Solbakken on Thursday after the debacle in Mainz. He will be replaced in the interim by Frank Schaefer. The Solbakken appointment never made much sense, as the Norwegian never had any experience in German football, either as a player or manager. His career was spent in Norway and Denmark. Sometimes these picks work out, but often they don’t. Of course, Köln has pretty much sucked, especially in the 2nd half. The only player performing is Lukas Podolski, and he’ll be sold in the summer. You can’t blame Solbakken for having crummy players, but Köln has shown a lack of fight, at least when you compare them to less talented squads like Freiburg or Augsburg. (Of course, Köln doesn’t have much talent either). This is really on the incompetant management, which once again has this famous club on the verge of bankruptcy and the abyss.



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